Washington DC Calling: Burma -Kachin Protest against Chinese Intervention in our Internal Affairs Friday, Oct 7th

Protest against Chinese Intervention in our Internal Affairs
        Today, Kachin language is not recognized as an official language in Kachinland.  Our children are forbidden to learn our own language, our culture, or our heritage in our own State’s institutions.  Myitkyina University’s west lawn is littered with discarded illicit drug bottles and bathroom walls are adorned with syringe bins.  Our graduates are yearly denied from entering government’s workforce.  Our churches have no official permission to congregate.  Our lands are forcibly confiscated and transferred to the government cronies.  The current scale of destruction surpasses the misery we endured during the Japanese colonial era.  In WWII, Kachin Rangers collaborated with Gen. Chiang Kai-shek’s army to expel Fascist out of China and Burma.  Unfortunately, fascism still remains in Burma and this “Destructive Element” continues to terrorize its own 62 million citizens and searches for political resolution through the barrel of a gun since 1962.
        Six score and four years ago, Gen. Aung San lobbied Kachin national leaders along with leaders from other national races to petition for Independence in Unison.  He promised our ethnic leaders with creation of a genuine Federal Union and equal political rights for all.  Pang Long agreement was signed by four national races in 1947; hence the name the Union of Burma was coined for the new republic.
        In 2010, newly self appointed government was propped up to further marginalize and oppress the minorities.  We, Kachins, Shans, Karen, Chins, are becoming second class citizens in our land.  And, current Chinese government’s support of this authoritarian government only allows them to suppress its own people in perpetuity.  Therefore, we call upon Chinese, Burmese, and international community to UNITE and PROTEST against this tyrannical regime in any PEACEFUL means.
        We demand China to:
1)      Stop supporting the fascist government in Burma
2)      Halt investment in Burma until the return of transparent and accountable government
3)      Engage with the ethnic opposition group
4)      Open the border gates and help its western neighbors
Friday, Oct 7th, 2011
3:00 PM-6:00 PM
3505 International Place NW
Washington, DC

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