Breaking News: Burma Army takes control KIA’s Brigade 4

KIA-ba-4The Burma Army took control this afternoon of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA)’s 4th Brigade Command in Shan State, after the fourth day of heavy fighting, KIA officers confirmed.

According to a KIA officer at the frontline, government troops entered into the Loikang-based 4th Brigade Command in Northern Shan State at about 4:30 p.m. local time, after the troops of KIA Battalion 29 withdrew from the command headquarters.

Now, the KIA’s Northern Shan State Brigade Command and the military bases of KIA Battalions 2, 9 and 29, which protect the brigade command, are under control of the Burma Army.

The KIA fighters withdrew because they are unable to withstand the non-stop barrage of 120 mm mortar rounds fired by government troops, said KIA brigade officers.

Hundreds of villagers around KIA’s 4 brigade are fleeing to safe places any way they can since Burmese troops entered into the Brigade Command, KIA officers said.

In the KIA’s 4th Brigade controlled area northeast of Kutkai, there are over 5,000 households with over 250,000 civilians, said brigade officers.

Skirmishes are continuing day and night around the fallen KIA brigade command and the battalions, said local people.

At the same time in Kachin State, more government troops are approaching the position around the KIA headquarters at Laiza, KIA officers at the frontlines said.

Currently, there is no heavy fighting between the Burma Army and the KIA in Kachin State

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