Mongla satisfied with Kengtung meet


National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) aka Mongla group says the meeting held between its delegates and the government’s representatives yesterday is promising, according to sources from the group.

The two sides met in the capital of Shan State East, Kengtung, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. following Naypyitaw’s 28 August invitation letter to Mongla for peace talks, said a source close to Mongla.Mongla sent over 10 members led by Vice Chairman Hsan Per and its general secretary Sao Hsengla while the Burmese side was led by Union Solidarity Development Party (USDP) general secretary U Aung Thaung and U Thein Zaw, Chairman of the Lower House National Races and Internal Peacekeeping Committee

A new 5 point proposal was presented by the government representatives. They are:

  • No hostilities between the two sides
  • To reopen liaison offices on both side
  • To maintain Mongla’s autonomous status
  • To inform each other in advance if one side is entering the other side’s territory carrying arms
  • To form a joint liaison committee as soon as possible

“No response has been given to them [the government] yet as we still have to discuss among us,” a source said. “Nevertheless, U Thein zaw suggested forming a joint liaison committee as soon as possible to fulfill each other’s need.”

Mongla’s counter proposal to the government was for the Burma Army to pull out from its controlled area. “Like us, U Thein Zaw said he also has to inform Naypyitaw about our request,” said an officer from the group. “However, their proposal looks acceptable this time. So we think the prospects are good.”

Mongla is reportedly holding a central committee meeting today to consider the 5 point proposal.

Mongla’s ally the United Wa State Army (UWSA) that met the same delegation from the government on the previous day at the same location, reportedly received a similar proposal.

These are the first formal meetings between Naypyitaw and the Wa-Mongla alliance since April 2010.

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