Chief Minister complains as Mon State Police fail to investigate bomb blasts

September 7th, 2011

Hong Dein, IMNA – Mon State Chief Minister U Ohm Myint has complained to the Chief of Mon State Police that local police have failed to investigate the bomb blast that occurred at the Thanbyuzayat Township Police Station, about 40 miles from Moulmein, the capital of Mon State.

U Ohm Myint spoke with the Chief of State Police during his visits to the Township Police Station and the Township General Administration Department at Thanbyuzayat on 3 September.

The Chief of Police reportedly told U Ohm Myint that the blast was the work of Nai Than Lwin, a former member of the New Mon State Party, and a Karen group.

“You shouldn’t let that group get away. The police should follow them until they catch them, and the police should take full responsibility for it,” the Mon State Chief Minister opined.

Currently, residents of Thanbyuzayat say that the police are taking responsibility for security inside the town, as well as along the major roads highways.

Two men on a motorbike shot an M-40 into the police station in the centre of Thanbyuzayat on 29 August, confirmed the town police station.

A source close to Sa Ya Pha (Military Affairs Security, MAS) said that a bomb was detonated near the home of the Administrator of Thanbyuzayat Township General Administration Department on 29 June 29, resulting in destroyed wall near the house.

Similarly, another bomb went off near the police station on the evening of 7 May 2010.

According to the journal Inside Myanmar, the police are preparing to take full security in the town.

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