Villages at deep sea project prepare for relocation

August 31st, 2011

Rai Maroah, IMNA – Five villages located in the area of the new Tavoy deep sea port development project are preparing to relocate.

The affected villages are Mu-do, Paradart, Mayin-gyi, Htain-gyi, and Khing-gyi in Tennaserim Division.

“All five villages are near Nabule Village. Currently they have not moved yet, but they were already informed to relocate,” said a Tavoy resident who met with the affected villagers. The residents are not sure when they will actually have to move.

Villagers were informed about the impending relocation at the end of July by the heads of Village tract and a representative from the Max Myanmar Company, the Tavoy resident said. Moreover, identification numbers have been posted on houses, listing the number of the trees and measurements of the land.

The company has told the villagers that at the relocation site they will first be given zinc roofing material, and later will also be given wood for constructing new homes.

In total, thirty villages will be relocated to make way for the development project. Five villages were selected to be moved first because they are located in the main area of the Tavoy deep sea project. The Max Myanmar Company plans to provide a new site between Barwo beach and Barwa village for relocation.

The Tavoy resident said, “Villagers don’t want to relocate, and they worry how they can survive at the new place because the company hasn’t prepared anything for them yet”.

Saw Alnar, a local reporter, said that although the authorities and representatives of the company have told villagers that they will pay compensation to villagers, in reality the villagers have not received anything yet.

“The company told the villagers that it will pay compensation after they list all of the villagers, but they haven’t told how much they will pay, or when they will pay,” he said.

The local residents around the construction area of the Tavoy deep sea port development project largely earn their living with fishing and farming, including pineapples, nipa palm, and palm.

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