Major Crackdown on ‘undocumented’ Workers Expected in Malaysia

13 August 2011 – KUALA LUMPUR: Refugees staying in Malaysia are expecting knocking doors and sleepless nights as the country’s government decided to conduct a major crackdown starting this November to expel all undocumented foreign workers.

The major enforcement programme is targeting illegal immigrants who fail to register and legalise themselves under the current amnesty programme.

“This registration and amnesty exercise offer the last opportunity for them before the Government mounts a major enforcement operation in November,” said Home Ministry Secretary General, Tan Sri Mahmood Adam.

Mahmood also announced that the deadline for biometric registration of illegal foreign workers under the amnesty programme had been extended by a week to 21 August 2011.

The amnesty programme entails registration, legalisation, amnesty, monitoring, enforcement and deportation of illegal immigrants.

The biggest number of workers registered were Indonesian, followed by Bangladeshi, Burmese, Indian, Nepalese, Filipino, Cambodian, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Thai, Sri Lankan, Chinese and others.

chinland guardian

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