44th Anniversary Sittwe Rice Killing Day

August 13 the Rice Killing Day :
Painted in “Patches of Blood” on Streets and Important Buildings

 In the night of August 12th, unidentified persons painted blood-coloured patches on the main streets and many important buildings of Sittwe, the capital of Rakhine State, according to our special correspondent.

The paintings were done in memory of the Sittwe Rice Killing day, 35 years ago. The crimson patches appeared all on a sudden on the walls of the Mra Rice Mill where the main killings were carried out by the then Revolutionary Council junta. The other places where the patches were seen included, the Sittwe Clock Tower that is just in front of the No. 1 Police Station, State High School No. 4, and Lawkananda Pagoda built by SPDC junta with wide scale use of forced labour, and the streets across the town.

As soon as the military intelligence agents came to know about the incidence, they promptly took to wiping off the marks of protest before sunrise. Though the MI agents tried their best to do so there were a lot of red patches here and there scattered on the streets and walls. Slowly the townspeople came to know about the mystery of the red markings as words quickly spread from person to person.

Thirty-five years ago on August 13th, Rakhine people irrespective of race or religion came out in peaceful rally against the artificial famine created by exporting the entire produce of rice of the state to communist China by the ruling Burmese junta led by soldier-dictator Ne Win, the predecessor of the present-day ruling juntas, taking no heed of the local needs.

It is alleged that, that day more than three hundred people were gunned down on and thousands have been missing ever since. Every year the Rakhine people have been commemorating the day secretly, hidden from the eyes of the ruling Burmese juntas a testimony to the silent defiance of the Rakhine people against military dictatorship in Burma.

Since the 12th August 02 the military intelligence and the SPDC junta officials have been busy to uncover the mystery of the red marks of protest, and launched a state-wide hunt for the invisible authors in the town, it was learnt. #

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