Students spread anti-government posters in Myitkyina

The anti-government poster with 5 demands which was spread in Kachin capital Myitkyina on August 5.

Kachin Students distributed over 1,600 anti-government posters written by hand on A-4 paper around Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, on August 5, according to student sources.
Students wrote slogans on the posters including: “Immediately settle peace, don’t kill innocent civilians, protect civilians, stop terrorizing, and don’t destroy the property of civilians.”

All the posters, which were distributed around 9 quarters in the capital, also contained the words “Public Desire”, students said.

August 8 was the 23rd anniversary of the infamous 8888 up- rising in Burma, started by University Students on August 8, 1988.

Burma Army requests return of seized supplies



Due to continual attacks by the Shan State Army (SSA), Burma Army units on the frontline are facing morale and disciplinary problems rising out of the shortage of rations, according to local and SSA sources.

Among those seized by the SSA included rice, onions, eggplants, fish paste, partially rotted fish, dry fish and condensed milk.

The Burmese units dispatched a village headman to ask for the supplies back, saying they had nothing to eat. “We asked the village headman to tell them we were sorry, but we were also facing the same trouble because of their offensive,” an SSA officer wrote to SHAN. “We had nothing to return even if we wanted to, because they were already eaten by our fighters.”

According to the latest information, 6 infantry battalions have been deployed at 2 junctions around Wanhai, the SSA HQ in Kehsi township:

  • Light Infantry Battalion 513 and another infantry battalion, together 179 strong at the Pakhee junction, southeast of Wanhai
  • Light Infantry Battalion (108 strong), Infantry Battalion 287 (83 strong) and two unidentified battalions (105 and 122 strong respectively), totaling 418 strong, at Nampook junction, northwest of Wanhai
SSA fighters on the move

Pakhee can be reached from Monghsu in the east and Mongnawng from the south, while Nampook from Mongyai in the north and Kehsi from the south.

The Burma Army has been deploying several units to provide security for the roads. But so far, they have been producing mixed results, as the SSA, both North and South, have been carrying out typical guerrilla tactics: ambushes, raids, snipings and interdictions.

Suu Kyi to Make Political Visit to Pegu

Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi will make a one-day political tour to Pegu Division in central Burma on August 14, according to Nyan Win, the spokesperson for her political party, the National League for Democracy (NLD). She plans to attend the opening of two libraries in Pegu and meet with “political network” groups from 30 townships, said Nyan Win. In early July, Suu Kyi visited Pagan with her son Htain Linn, also known as Kim Aris. In May 2003, Suu Kyi and her entourage were attacked by a mob in Depayin in Sagaing Division, leaving at least 70 of her supporters dead. Irrawaddy