BDC: Burma insight: 05 Aug 2011

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Burma insight: 05 Aug 2011
05 Aug 2011

Yangon, August 5 — Out of 8 persons including two police officers and one Chinese interpreter, who were returning from Tarpein Hydropower project to Momauk in Kachin State on a Pajero car last Tuesday, came under heavy fire from troops of Kachin Independence Army ( KIA ) on the way resulting in the death of 7 persons, this morning’s issue of all three state-owned newspapers reported together with the pictures of the dead bodies and the car.

Among 7 persons, who were killed because of the attack of KIA, one was a Myanmar police officer and another was a Chinese interpreter.

While condemning the attack, the newspapers said the KIA had opened fire on the above-mentioned car and passengers with the use of automatic weapons.

The Tarpein Hydropower project being built in Kachin State is the major joint venture project between Myanmar Ministry of Electric Power No ( 1 ) and Datang ( Yunnan ) United Hydropower Developing ( DUHD ) company of China.

The KIA, which has 8000 armed men under it, is the armed wing of Kachin Independence Organization ( KIO ). After being a ceasefire group in the legalfold for several years, the KIO has now become a rebel group demanding for more autonomous rights.

It appears that though four armed forces of ethnic minority groups including KIO had heartily welcomed Aung San Suu Kyi’s open letter issued on July 28 this year, they have not come to the stage of ceasefire with Myanmar military.