Burma: Human Rights Abuse on Shan by Government’s Army-July

On14 July, some Burmese soldiers from IB 131 based in Nam Puk, Kaesi Township arrested and beat Loon Sein of Nam Puk village while his was working on his farm south of the village. They accused him of being an informer of Shan resistance groups.

He was taken to his house and was detained there. Until his release, he was interrogated and beaten every by Burmese soldiers. He was treated like animal as he had only one time of meal per day. Burmese soldiers released him on 31 July because they had no any evidences to detain him.

On 29 July, Burmese soldiers from IB 22 accused Sai San Mat of Hat Yao, Hsipaw Township of being informer for Shan resistance groups and took him to their base. Till 1 August, whether he is alive or dead was unknown.

On 31 July, Burmese commander of Murng Nang base summoned all village headmen from Murng Nang, Murng Kao, Nawng Som, Wan Pan and Ho Pon in Kaesi Township to hold a meeting. At the meeting the headmen were ordered to inform timely of Shan resistance groups’ activities to the Burmese Army. They also were threatened that if the battle takes place near their villages, the villages would be burned down.

Since March up to present, the villagers of Murng Awd and Nawng Ad, Murng Hsu Township have summoned by Col. Kyaw Thek Nai, commander of Tactical Operations Command of Murng Awd to their base and waited for serving as porters. The villagers could do nothing for their daily living.

A total of 35 villagers from Murng Awd and Nawng Ad are ordered to go to the base and wait for serving as porters every day in rotation. Otherwise, each villager would be fined by giving 10 chickens to the Burmese army. Until now, the villagers could do nothing for their farming.

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