WAR: Burma Army has assembled 42 infantry battalions with 14 of them around the Shan State Army (SSA) headquarters of Wanhai

The Burma Army has assembled 42 infantry battalions with 14 of them around the Shan State Army (SSA) headquarters of Wanhai backed by supporting artillery units, but the expected final assault is still yet to come, according to SSA sources. 

“There may be several reasons why,” said Major Sai La, spokesman for the Shan State Progress Party / Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) but unofficially known as the SSA North despite protests from both itself and the Restoration Council of the Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA), better known as the SSA South: 

  • For one thing, continued heavy rains and haze have prevented the Air Force from effectively joining the operation
  • Heavy casualties on the Burma Army side since 11 July when the Nampook battle was fought in Mongyai township; “At least 8 Huskies have come to pick up the wounded in Kehsi alone,” he said
  • The ongoing campaign has revealed both the Burma Army’s strength and flaws; it has abundant firepower and manpower but the soldiers are evidently untrained for counter guerrilla campaigns

“One report says the Northeastern Command (based in Lashio) has called up elements from the light Infantry Division 33 from Kokang,” he said. “Another report, yet to be confirmed, says they are in the process of forming a 500 men suicide force.”

The SSA is still compiling a report on the 4-month old campaign fought since 13 March.

Meanwhile, the SSA South, with which it is negotiating for a merger, is fighting a diversionary campaign against the Burma Army, such as ambushes staged in Loilem on 9 July and in Mongpan on 18 July, according to an SSA South source.

“But to be more effective, we would need to set up a combined command center,” he said on condition of anonymity.

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Ko Kyi Than,Political Prisoner Jailed on 65-Year Sentence Hospitalized in Sittwe

A political activist who was sentenced to 65 years in prison for his involvement in the Saffron Revolution demonstrations has been hospitalized as an emergency patient at the local hospital in Sittwe, the capital of Arakan State in western Burma.

sittway-jail250Ko Kyi Than, who has been serving a lengthy prison term for his political conscience in the Sittwe Prison is suffering from severe pneumonia and was sent to the public hospital from the prison on 17 July, 2011.

“It is very sorrowful for him because the prison authority has allowed him to take medical treatment outside the hospital after his disease became very serious. He has been suffering from severe pneumonia and had to be transfused five liters of blood, and is still undergoing treatment in the hospital,” said one of his close associates.

Ko Kyi Than is a resident of Ward 10 in Thakayta Township in Rangoon Division and is also known to be one of the student leaders who activated the well-known nationwide democracy uprising in 1988.

His friend said his present health condition has improved in the hospital, but there are still concerns that he will be taken back to prison before being completely cured because the food and accomodation in the prison, as well as the current weather in Sittwe, is very poor.

He said his younger sister from Rangoon would arrive today in Sittwe to visit him, and he also seems to be willing to see his family because he is unwell. It was also learned that a number of police have been deployed at the hospital since Ko Kyi Than was admitted.-narinjara

ဓါတ္ပုံ ေပးပုိ ့လာသူ KIA တပ္မွဴးငယ္(လုိင္ဇာ) အား အထူးေက်းဇူးတင္ရွိပါေႀကာင္း။ -Burmese Soldiers Captured by KIA





WAR: Burmese-Kachin fighting takes place at three locations


kachin war map eng 0725
Short battles between the Burmese and Kachin armies took place today, July 25, at three different locations in Kachin State, northern Burma, local sources said.
Around 11 a.m. local time, a gun battle took place between Nam San Yang and Ban Dawng, about 20 miles northeast of the KIA Laiza headquarters.

Two government battalions, with over 50 troops from Infantry Battalions No. 21 and 37, based in the Kachin capital, Myitkyina, were involved in the fighting with KIA troops protecting Laiza, according to a KIA officer at the frontline around Laiza.

A second battle occurred at Chipwi Township between Burmese troops from the Nga Oo-based Infantry Battalion No. 121 and KIA troops of Battalion 10, under Brigade 1, a KIA officer confirmed to the Thailand-based Kachin News Group. Continue reading “WAR: Burmese-Kachin fighting takes place at three locations”