WAR: 5 minutes fighting broke out between a SSA/RCSS patrol and a joint column of Burmese army in Murng Pan area

A 5 minutes fighting broke out between a SSA/RCSS patrol and a joint column of Burmese army in Murng Pan area, southern Shan State, resulting 4 dead, 1 wounded from Burmese army side.

On 18 July, 2011 at 3:50 pm, a forest patrol of SSA/RCSS exchanged gunfire with a joint column of Burmese army from IB 332 and LIB 520 during it was making a check in the forest between Namtong village and Tongkai village, Tongkai village tract, Murng Pan Township.


In the 5 minutes fighting, Burmese lost its 4 men including 1 Sergeant and 1 Lance Corporal, suffered 1 Lance Corporal.


SSA suffered no loss.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 20 July 2011 17:07

Burmese Army to start full-scale offensive against Kachin minority


kachin army kachin stateKIA troops prepare for offensive of Burmese troops in Waingmaw township, eastern Kachin State. Photo: Kachin News Group

The military-backed Burmese government is going to start a full-scale offensive against the minority Kachin army in the country’s north after losing recent battles, sources close to the Burmese Army said.


In Myitkyina, the capital of Kachin State, tanks and war planes are preparing for the offensive against the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), which has bases around Kachin State and Northern Shan State, said Myitkyina residents.

Fuel, arms and ammunition have been stockpiled at the Northern Regional Military Command, located in the town, after being transported from Mandalay to Myitkyina by ship and train, according to local military observers.

Burmese ground troops are currently operating in eight townships in Kachin State: Mohnyin, Myitkyina, Waimaw (Waingmaw), N’mawk (Momauk), Manje (Mansi), Sumprabum, Hpakant and Danai, said KIA officials at their Laiza headquarters, in eastern Kachin State. Continue reading “Burmese Army to start full-scale offensive against Kachin minority”

WAR : Burmese deputy battalion commander and three troops killed by KIA


kia people armyA soldier in the newly-formed People’s Army under the KIO, took a rest at outskirts of Laiza headquarters.

A Burmese Army deputy battalion commander and three troops were killed today during morning fighting with the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in Manje Township, in Manmaw District, in Kachin State, northern Burma, KIA officials said.

The Burmese soldiers were from the Mong Mit-based Light Infantry Battalion No. 348 and they were killed during fighting at Kha Chin Village, near Mabein, by KIA soldiers from Battalion 12, led by Major Zau Gam, which is based in Manje (Mansi) Township, southern Manmaw (Bhamo) District, according to KIA officials at its Laiza headquarters.

The KIA also captured three guns carried by dead soldiers, KIA officials said.

Fighting has happened in areas in Kachin State close to the Shan State border since July 16, a Manje resident said.

A KIA soldier was killed yesterday by Burmese troops led by the dead-deputy commander, after the KIA fighter was captured with his gun, according to KIA Battalion 12.

The fighting continued in the afternoon after the deputy battalion commander and three soldiers were killed in the morning, said local people.

The fighting has gradually increased in three townships in Kachin State, Waingmaw, N’mawk and Manje, after a public meeting July 12-13 at Laiza, in which Kachin delegates rejected a renewed ceasefire without political negotiations with all ethnic armed groups in the country.

Meanwhile, leaders of the Kachin Independence Organization (KIO) and its armed wing, the KIA, began two days of important meetings in Laiza on July 18.