Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Chiangmai dismantled homes in Banmai Nongpheung, Mu 18 T.Inthakhil A. Mae Tang on 12 July.

    • Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Chiangmai dismantled homes in Banmai Nongpheung, Mu 18 T.Inthakhil A. Mae Tang on 12 July. On the following day, affected villagers who were Thai Yai insisted they were not illegal immigrant presenting legally issued Highlander’s cards and Citizen’s cards. The new village was set up in 2004 and had more than 150 homes in 2008, when it received Muban Khemkhaeng (Healthy Community) status from then Chiangmai governor Suwat Tantiphat. (Pracha Thai)

Burma Martyr Day- Speeches sound cloud By Ko Myo- အာဇာနညေ္န႔ ဥၾသသံ ႏွင္႔ အာဇာနညေ္န႔ ေမာ္ကြနး္၀င္ ေတးသီခ်ငး္မ်ား

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Salute To Burma’s Martyrs- Edited by: Ko Myoe 88


Second Burmese Diplomat Defects in Washington

13.July 2011

A Burmese diplomat has defected in Washington, D.C., the second to do so in less than two weeks.

Soe Aung has told VOA’s Burmese service that he sent a letter to the U.S. State Department Wednesday morning announcing his decision to defect. He has been serving as the Burmese embassy’s first secretary. He was posted there in 2008.

The career diplomat told VOA that he feared for his safety and that of his family, because he had been recalled to be investigated regarding the defection of another diplomat last week.

He said two other Burmese diplomats who have recently returned home from assignments in Washington have been placed under investigation.

Kyaw Win, the deputy chief of mission at the embassy, resigned last week and defected. He told VOA’s Burmese Service that he believed Soe Aung and other civilian diplomats are being blamed for his defection, but he says, they were his subordinates. And he says, military and ex-military staff at the embassy are not being investigated.

He says there is a pattern of discrimination against civilian staff at the embassy.

Kyaw Win says he had hoped that following last year’s election, Burma’s military would ease its grip on power and improve its human rights record. But he says the human rights situation is getting worse, especially in remote areas.

Aung Din, the executive director of the United States Campaign for Burma, says diplomats could face imprisonment and torture if military intelligence authorities decide they have failed in their duties in the Kyaw Win case.

Burma’s government has long been considered one of the most repressive in the world. The United States and many other governments have imposed tough economic sanctions on the country because of its human rights record and lack of political reform.

The military described last year’s election, the first in 20 years, as key to its plan to return the country to civilian rule after four decades of army leadership. But human rights activists and Burmese refugees say the election simply cemented military control, since an army-backed party won 80 percent of the elected parliament seats.

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WAR: Junta plane visits battlefield,but no bombs were dropped, according to rebel sources.

THURSDAY, 14 JULY 2011 13:24 S.H.A.N.

A Burmese military plane yesterday circled over the battlefield taking place in the three-corner area, where the township boundaries of Kehsi, Mongyai and Hsipaw meet, between the Burma Army and the Shan State Army (SSA) “North” but no bombs were dropped, according to rebel sources.

“It came 3 times: first at 14:00, later at 15:00 and then at 16:00,” according to an SSA officer. “Maybe it wanted to scare us. Or maybe it wanted to boost up the morale of its field troops.”

Sources however were unable to identify the type of the aircraft.

On the SSA side was the 27th Brigade. On the Burma Army side were Infantry Battalions (IB) 286, 287, 131, 9, 67, 22 and Light Infantry Battalions (LIB) 510 and 518. “Our troops are being surrounded by the Burmese troops,” he said. “And the Burmese troops are, in turn, being surrounded by us.”

Following the successful attack of the Nampook base, where roads from Mongyai, Kehsi and Monghsu meet, on 12 July, the SSA had withdrawn. “The Burma Army bombarded the adjacent area surrounding the base with smoke shells at 18:00 yesterday before retaking it,” said another officer.

According to a civilian source, the Burma Army had commandeered civilian motor vehicles in Kehsi to carry supplies and ammunitions to the Nampook front yesterday. “Some civilian drivers were afraid to drive their trucks into the battlefield,” he said. “So the soldiers had to drive themselves.”

Meanwhile, the SSA appears to be waging an all-out guerrilla warfare to ease the pressure on its troops at Nampook. One report says Burma Army troops guarding the coal mining project in Mongkao, 6 miles south of Kehsi, was attacked by an unknown armed group, believed to be the SSA at 10:30.

A separate report from the Sino-Burma border also says SSA and Kachin Independence Army (KIA) fighters are joining hands together in fighting the Burma Army. The two are members of the United Nationalities Federal Council (UNFC) formed in February to establish a Union Army.