bomb went off in front of government-owned guest house

11 July 2011: A bomb went off in front of government-owned guest house near the Department of Construction in Thantlang Town around 10:30pm last night, with no injuries and destruction reported.

A resident from School Ward of Thantlang Town, about 20 miles away from Hakha, said that there was a gun shot just before the bomb blast.

“We are scared to learn that a bomb exploded last night but no one was hurt. And no houses were destroyed,” one of the Thantlang locals told Chinland Guardian.

As of the evening today, it is not yet known as to how the bomb blew off and who was responsible for the incident.

One source suggested that the local authorities denied any connection to the explosion.

“It is hard to say who did this but people seem to have a feeling that this is a threat by the military authorities to the local,” said one of the local leaders, who asks not to be named.

chinland guardian