Gold shop owner robbed, then killed

July 11th, 2011

Min Thuta – The female owner of a gold shop was killed after being robbed by bandits this past Saturday afternoon in , Kawkareik Township, Karen State, according to local residents.

Three robbers on motorbikes robbed gold shops belonging to Nai Tun Win and Ma Nan Mya.

“Ma Nan Mya was shot in the head on the spot because she was shouting during the robbery,” said Mi Aye from Kanne Village.

Kanne villagers guessed that the robbers probably made off with around 50 kyattar (or half a viss in Burmese goldsmith measurements) from Nai Tun Win’s shop, and two-and-a-half viss from Ma Nan Mya’s shop.

A Kanne villager said that the police in Kanne Village were able to arrest one thief after the event occurred, but two other robbers escaped.

“It does not feel peaceful to live in this village when we hear news like this,” commented a villager. Kanne is a predominantly Mon village with both Mon and Karen inhabitants.

Kanne Village was put under the control of Thaton District’s New Mon State Party after NMSP agreed to a ceasefire with the Burmese regime. Since the ceasefire between the Burmese government and the ethnic group ended last year, bomb explosions and thefts from general commodity and gold shops have occurred.

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