Burma-7 July Students Massacre Documents-BDC

On 7th July 1962, Burmese university students were massacred and Rangoon University Students’ Union building was dynamited down where students were still inside.

General Ne Win who came to power on 2 March 1962 after forming the Revolutionary Council tried to crush the students’ activities by tightening the university regulations which caused widespread resentment amongst the students.

The dictator General Ne Win abolished University Act, and the University Council and all University Affairs were taken over by the Revolutionary Council.

On 7th July 1962, students called the meeting protesting the Revolutionary Council’s unfair rules and regulations at the Rangoon University Students’ Union building.

Military responded by arresting the student leaders. Students gathered in front of the students’ union building, shouted slogans and occupied the campus when they learnt that students’ leaders were arrested.

The military surrounded the campus, throwing tear gas into the crowds and crush the students’ protest by using excessive force and successively declared martial law.

Early on the morning of 8 July, the historic Rangoon University Students’ Union building was demolished by dynamite, and many students in the building were killed which now became known as the 7 July Students’ massacre.

General Ne Win notoriously justified his action by saying “Dar Dar Chin and Hlan Hlan Chin shin mae” which is laterally meaning aggressive challenging words in Burmese saying “I will fight Sword with Sword and Spear with Spear (to wipe out the opposition)” but in reality he killed un-armed non-violent students protesters with guns and dynamites.

Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) will always remember fallen heroes of Burma.

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