WAR: Burma Army commander ambushed


Area commander [name unidentified] of Tangyan township, facing armed groups that are at loggerheads with it, Shan State Army (SSA) and United Wa State Army (UWSA), was reportedly attacked on 28 June by an unknown armed group, on the way back from a quarterly meeting with Chinese officials in Meng Lien (Monglem), opposite the Wa headquarters Panghsang, according to local sources.

“After the meeting on 26 June, they spent a night in Panghsang on 27 June, and returned to Tangyan on the next morning. But in the evening we were informed that he and his delegates were attacked on the way,” a source from Panghsang said.

The delegation was ambushed at around 6:00 pm, between the Salween Bridge and Tangyan.

The said area commander was said to be the new one, who recently replaced Colonel Khaing Zaw, local sources said.

He was reported to have been shot at Loi Larn Making, a few miles west of Takawng Et Bridge on the Salween River, Tangyan Township, 83 miles southwest of Lashio, Shan State North. But there have been no further details as to whether or not the commander was among the casualties.

“Some said he was not in the car (a blue SUV) that was attacked. But others said he was wounded,” a local source from Tangyan said.

However, vehicles running between Tangyan and Panghsang have been banned from going beyond Takawng Et since his return. In addition, Tangyan has also been under curfew and everyone coming to the town was closely questioned and checked by the local authorities, sources reported.

Last week, many bomb explosions took place in the town, resulting in some house damages.


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