NLD says it’s legal; not opposed to Parliament, government

Chiang Mai (Mizzima) – Responding to a letter from the Burmese government challenging the legal status of the National League for Democracy (NLD) and its activities, the NLD on Wednesday sent a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs saying it is a legal political party and it did not oppose the Parliament or the government.

The headquarters of the National League for Democracy in Rangoon. Photo: MizzimaThe headquarters of the National League for Democracy in Rangoon. Photo: Mizzima

The letter, signed by NLD General-Secretary Aung San Suu Kyi, was addressed to the Home Affairs Minister Lieutenant General Ko Ko. Mizzima received a copy of the letter that said the NLD could not be dissolved under the law.

The ministry’s letter to the NLD noted that it had failed to re-register as a political party for the 2010 general elections and said it was dissolved in accordance with the law. In response to the ministry, the NLD argued that it could legally continue as a political party, referring to the former junta’s 2008 Constitution.

“Section 409 of the Constitution says that the Union Parliament shall enact necessary laws concerning political parties, so the NLD cannot be dissolved,” the letter said. The legal point the NLD is making seems to be contained in the idea that dissolving a political party falls under the prerogative of Parliament, which makes laws under the Constitution. Before it sent the letter to the ministry, NLD leaders held an emergency meeting to discuss the issue.

“There are many laws. Briefly, we think that the NLD cannot be dissolved under the [existing] laws. That’s why we put up NLD signs and we continue to do activities as NLD members,” NLD central executive committee member Nyan Win told Mizzima.

The NLD letter said, “The NLD attitude is not to oppose the parliamentary system and the government. The NLD obeys the laws for the sake of the prevalence of law and order.”

The letter also referred to a NLD lawsuit against the Union Election Commission decision to dissolve the NLD.

The letter also urged Lieutenant General Ko Ko to arrange a dialogue for the sake of the stability and maintenance of law and order, according to Nyan Win.

“In our opinion, if we all really want effective enforcement of law and order, the problems can be solved,” Nyan Win said.


NLD Letter to regarding press

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