Burmese Army forces civilians to ensure security of Myitkyina-Namti rail road

In a situation fraught with risks, the Burmese government has ordered residents of Myitkyina capital of Kachin State to take charge of security of the Myitkyina-Namti railway road, given the ongoing war between Kachin Independence Army (KIA) and the Burmese Army.

It has been made mandatory for at least 10 civilians from each quarter in Myitkyina to monitor the railway road for security reasons in rotation.

“People from our quarter have to do duty between our place and the Janmai Kawng quarter,” said residents of the city.

The railway road passes through from Myitkyina station to Min Yat, Myo Thit, Aye Yar, Yan Gyi Aung, May Myint, Du Kahtawng, Jan Mai Kawng and San Pya quarter and heads towards Namti, Mogaung Township.

If people are reluctant and do not want to go for the security detail then they will have to pay a fine or send a substitute for the duty. The quarter administrative department will collect the money from every house in the quarter.

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