WAR: Gunfire was exchanged between the Shan State Army and the Burma Army this morning

Gunfire was exchanged between the Shan State Army and the Burma Army this morning as soon as reinforcement of the Burma Army troops arrived near SSA controlled territory this week, according to local and SSA sourcesFighting began around 8:00 until the time of reporting at SSA’s Tapha Sawng base, located between Shan State North’s Hsipaw township and Shan State South’s Kehsi township. It is said to be one of the SSA bastions.

“Fire is still coming and going, heavy weapons flying from both sides,” said an SSA officer from Wanhai.

The number and strength of the recently deployed Burma Army troops is unknown but is estimated to be at least 3 battalions. One of them is said to be Infantry Battalion (IB) 147 based in Nawngkaw, Hsipaw Township. Battalions that are active near the IB#147 are Mongnawng based IB # 286, Mongyai based IB 325 and Namlan based Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) # 504.

The SSA has around 30 men and is now asking for reinforcements from its headquarters in Wanhai. Continue reading “WAR: Gunfire was exchanged between the Shan State Army and the Burma Army this morning”

Suu Kyi to deliver message to US Congress

Suu Kyi to Address US Congress Burmese democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi will deliver her first-ever remarks to a US congressional committee, the House Foreign Affairs subcommittee on East Asia, via a video recorded message on Wednesday. This was confirmed by a statement from the office of US Campaign for Burma advocacy group and US Representative Don Manzullo. “This hearing will highlight these sham elections and Burma’s difficult road ahead,” Manzullo, R-Illinois, told CNN. “I am excited to share the videotaped testimony of (Suu Kyi) so everyone can hear of the junta’s continued military offenses against ethnic groups and the dire human rights situation in Burma.”

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NLD Statement on Thein Sein Regime Attack- -bur

Yangon, June 20 — Aung San Suu Kyi’s National League for Democracy ( NLD ) issued a two-page statement expressing regret at the way severe armed conflicts are taking place at three fronts – in Kachin State, Kayin State and Shan State between Tatmadaw ( Myanmar Military ) and armed forces of ethnic national races.

“We regret at the way severe clashes are currently taking place in Kachin State between the Tatmadaw and Kachin Independence Army ( KIA ) resulting in heavy casualties on both sides and fleeing of over 10,000 people into China. Among those, who fled to China are Chinese technicians and Chinese workers working on hydropower electric projects in that state,” the statement declared.

The statement also deplored at the way thousands of people have to flee into Thailand because of the continued fighting between Tatmadaw and Karen National force.

“So also armed conflicts have now broken out between the Tatmadaw and Shan National forces in Shan State in recent months, the statement also declared.

Throwing limelight on the ongoing battles in these three fronts, the NLD’s statement urged both sides to try to resolve their differences by discussions on the basis of mutual respect.

“All must exert their efforts in the interest of peace of the entire Union by resolving their differences through negotiations among all ethnic nationalities,” the statement drove home the point.