WAR: Burmese Army’s Southeast Command Prepares Its Troops Moulmein, the capital of Mon State.

June 17th, 2011

IMNA – Burmese government forces from the Southeast Command are preparing over 500 troops in Moulmein, the capital of Mon State.

“I saw a lot of Burmese government soldiers at the Southeast Command this morning, a lot of trucks and weapons but I cannot say where the soldiers will go, maybe they will march to the NMSP area and Karen area,” said a New Mon State Party (NMSP) member from Thaton District.

This NMSP member stated his belief that the Burmese government forces plan to launch an offensive against the New Mon State Party, like they have already done against the Kachin, Karen, and the Shan.

Burmese Troops During Training Exercises Burmese Troops During Training Exercises

Today, “Burmese soldiers marched into Thaton District,” said an eyewitness, currently living in Thaton District, which is located in Karen State, but controlled by the New Mon State Party.

“It’s possible that the Burmese soldiers will launch into our area, but they have not entered into an NMSP controlled area yet. If they enter into our area, we are ready to fight” said a Thaton District official and a NMSP member.

One resident from Abit village, in Mudon Township, reported seeing many military junta forces march towards Moulmein District on Tuesday, June 14th. One month ago, on May 16th, Abit residents similarly reported seeing large numbers of Burmese government troops on their way to Moulmein. Moulmein district houses both NMSP members, as well as members of the Karen National Union (KNU) and the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army (DKBA).

A Thanphyuzayart resident who was trying to migrate to Thailand explained, “I tried to enter Thailand from Abit way. When I arrived there, I saw a lot of Burmese soldiers. The residents said to me that many Burmese junta troops entered this way to Moulmein District, but we do not know if their target is Mon or Karen.”

Since the elections in November 2010, the Burmese Army has begun to launch military offensives on the ethnic armed groups that boycotted the elections. Currently, the Burmese Army is fighting against the Shan State Army- North and the Shan State Army -South, the Karen National Union, the Democratic Karen Buddhist Army, and most currently, the Kachin Independence Army.

“The Burmese government forces have started to fight all of the ethnic armed groups. Soon the military junta will target the New Mon State Party like the other ethnic armed groups, like the Kachin,” said the NMSP general secretary Nai Hong Sar.

In fact, an NMSP member explained that on June 14th, the day the unknown armed group burned down Aung Tin Win’s house in the center of TPP town, the armed group left by way of Tom Dop Point village, an NMSP controlled area. In an effort to retaliate, Burmese troops launched three missiles aimed at the group, hitting Tom Dop Point village instead. There were no casualties from the missile attack, and the Burmese troops have yet to make an official attack against the NMSP.

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