WAR:More Burma Army troops deployed to SSA HQ


Latest information today says about 5 battalions of Burma Army troops were sent to Wanhai, new headquarters of Shan State Army (SSA), the armed wing of Shan State Progress Party that refused to transform into Naypyitaw’s Border Guard Force (BGF) program and returned to the armed struggle after being attacked in March.Hundreds of soldiers were reported to have deployed from every side, said local eye witnesses. Some were seen coming from Shan State South’s Kehsi Township and some from battalions under Northeastern Region Command (NERC) based in Lashio, Shan State North.


aungthan-tutAung Than Htut

“Many Burma Army patrols are seen heading to Wanhai this morning from Monghsu. Villagers from Mong Awt village tract, Monghsu township are ordered to go for portering whenever the soldiers arrived. Every 20 villager are assigned to take in turn for the service,” said a local source from Monghsu. 

Regarding to the immediate reinforcement of the Burma Army, sources close to Hsengkaew militia comment that the action is likely to be related to an emergency meeting held in Lashio HQ by Maj-Gen Aung Than Htut who oversees operations in Shan State on 13 June. Continue reading “WAR:More Burma Army troops deployed to SSA HQ”

Golden Triangle Godfather Naw Kham and his gang had once ordered cargo ships

12 June 2011
naw-kham11Golden Triangle Godfather Naw Kham and his gang had once ordered cargo ships that ply the Mekong to take off the tarpaulin covers of the cargo for them to see what they were carrying. Non-compliance would meet with swift reprisals: either shooting or boarding the ship. Many are wondering whether state personnel are conspiring with Naw Kham because there has been many instances where the state personnel just watch and do nothing. (ASTV Manager Online)