War:search-and-destroy mission against the Shan State Army (SSA) on 20 May 2011.

25 May 2011
Militiamen from Namyom Wan Mong ordered by column commander from Mong Phyak-based Light Infantry Battalion 335 to take the vanguard despite protests, while on a search-and-destroy mission against the Shan State Army (SSA) on 20 May 2011. Fortunately, the column did not run into any ambushes and came back unscathed on the next day. The militiamen said they had to pay for their own rations and also for the fuel of the tolajis (farm tractors) used as transports. (SHAN)

25 May 2011
Mongla-based National Democratic Alliance Army (NDAA) has reinforced its last bastion, Mong Fan, before Hsop Lwe, the mouth of the river Lwe that follows into the Mekong and its remaining outlet to the outside world.
Meanwhile villagers of Wan Kho and Pong Hiet where the NDAA had abandoned are undergoing a heretofore unknown experience of forced labor: building outposts, feeding the soldiers and getting their cattle and chickens killed for food, according to local militia sources. (SHAN)


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