White Tiger party to for mining in Shan State

Shan Nationalities Democratic Party (SNDP), better known as the White Tiger party, the second winning party in Shan State at the 2010 elections, is planning to work together with some Thai companies in mining projects in Shan State  as well as others business projects, according to party’s finance chief Sao Than Myint.Apart from mining projects, the companies have also proposed, when the party members and some 10 representatives of the companies met on 23 May, at the party’s office in Rangoon, that they were willing to help develop local communities including their agricultural projects, said Sao Than Myint.“They said they wanted to help in agricultural and farming including technical methods,” he said.

The party however has yet to reach any agreement with the companies as it still have to discuss and hold meeting with Executive Committee (EC) again whether the projects should be conducted or not.

In addition, they party and the companies will also have to make some survey first what kinds of ore the companies are interested to extract, where and which part of the state that the projects would be set up, Sao Than Myint added.

Currently, the companies have reportedly more interest to work in areas where there is a shared boundary with the Thailand like eastern and southern Shan State.

“Whatever it is we haven’t given them commitment because we are still having discussion with EC members. Then we will have another meeting with the companies,” Sao Than Myint said.

If both sides can reach an agreement, the party members then will submit a letter for permission to the state government and to the union government if necessary, for approval.

Regarding their projects, the groups say they will also make consideration for environment problems the projects may cause to local people.

The party however says it will not handle any project directly.

“The party will not be directly involved in business. We will lay down principles and hire someone to handle on behalf of the party. He/she then will operate the project in the name of the party’s company,” Sao Than Myint added.

The company name is called “Top White Tiger”, according to the party.  Now, the party is producing detergent powder with “White Tiger” logo. The raw materials are imported from Malaysia.

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