NLD-affiliated free school faces difficulty finding new location

New Delhi (Mizzima) – An NLD-affiliated free school in Rangoon, which has been asked to leave its location after military intelligence applied pressure on the landlord, is facing difficulties finding a new location, according to a school official.

Mom's Home, an NLD-affiliated free school in Rangoon, is facing eviction from its landlord because of its tie to the civic organization. Photo: MizzimaMom’s Home, an NLD-affiliated free school in Rangoon, is facing eviction from its landlord because of its tie to the civic organization. Photo: Mizzima

Thida Swe said that it was learned on Sunday that military intelligence officials pressured the landlord to tell the school to move. The school is located in North Okkalapa Township.

‘It’s very difficult now’, he said. ‘The information rapidly spread to the whole ward. The landlords don’t want to rent to us’, Thida Swe told Mizzima. The school opened in January.

Thida Swe said the landlord told him that military intelligence made a search of his home and told him that if the school did not move, the building would be sealed off.

The school, known as  ‘Mom’s Home’, has not been visited by officials, he said, and the officials have appeared sympathetic.

‘On May 12 or 13, the Ward Administration Office chief told us that they knew what we did and said thank you because we do as much as we can for the welfare of the people. And they told us to inform them whatever we do. So, I have no idea why they applied pressure’, Thida Swe said.

A student who is learning English in the school, said, ‘We are the grassroots. We can not attend the expensive training courses’. There are about 30 students in the school.

Similarly, the Bayda Institute, another NLD-affiliated free school in Thingangyun Township in Rangoon Region, also has been asked to leave its location for the third time.

Myint Oo, a teacher from the Bayda Institute, told Mizzima that the school hasn’t been stable because of the moves and if the authorities know where the school is trying to relocate to they talk to the landlord.

At first, the school was located in Tamwe Township but because of the authorities’ pressure it had to move to Sanchaung Township and finally it moved from Sanchaung to Thingangyun.

‘Moving to a new place is costly’, he said. ‘And we had to move again and again and that was not convenient for the students. It’s not good’.

The authorities should support the school, he said.

‘To improve the education of the country, we cannot depend on the government alone to do it effectively, especially our government. And the government budget for education is very limited in comparison with other countries. So, in an underdeveloped country like Burma, the government should support such organizations, which provide free education’, Myint Oo said.

School officials have asked for lawmaker Thein Nyunt of the Thingangyun branch of the National Democratic Force to try to intervene with the authorities.

The Bayda Institute offers courses in social relationships, world affairs, South East Asian studies and basic English to high school graduates and graduates. Presently, about 30 students from across the country are boarding at the school. The current enrollment is the sixth batch.


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