Kachin teenagers are trafficked as sex slaves for Burmese authorities in a gold mine at Mali Hka River

Wednesday, 18 May 2011 18:38 KNG
Kachin teenagers are being deceived and trafficked as sex slaves for Burmese authorities in a gold mine at Mali Hka River, in Tayang Zup village, in Kachin State by a trafficker who is close to the government authorities, a local source said.

A woman over 40 years-old named, Ma Ei, a resident of Myitkyina, the Capital of Kachin State, has lured Kachin teenagers and forced them to be sex slaves in the Tayang Zup gold mine, over 50 miles north of Myitkyina.

mali-hka-gold-miningA gold mine is camped on the Mali Hka riverbank.

Ma Ei, who owns a restaurant, store and the Tayang Zup Guest House near the gold mine, has been organizing teenaged women 15-16 years of age from the towns of Puta-O and Machyangbaw and around the gold mine for seven years, by promising to provide them with proper jobs. However, she forces them to work as sex slaves to local authorities.

One of the victims from MachyangbawTown said she was threatened by Ma Eiand forced to work as a sex slave, and she never give her a salary or any financial support.

Ma Ei told the people in the area the girls are adopted by her as daughters. However, the victim’s families said she never provided them with financial support.

She never allows the girls to meet with their relatives or move around freely and hides them in a secret place, according to a villager.

One local source said Ma Ei has a very good relationship with local authorities, such as police officers and Military Intelligence officers (MI), who do not interfere with what she is doing.

At least four local Kachin girls who were adopted by Ma Ei have gone missing in 2010 and 2011, local people said.

Local women and girl’s safety has been threatened since for the last ten years, since thousands of mine workers came to the area.

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