Breaking News: Armed Group Seizes the Telecommunications Office in Mudon, Killing a police officer and injuring another

May 14th, 2011


An unknown armed group blew up the telecommunications office in Mudon Township, shot a policeman and a telecommunication officer while the group seized the office this morning according to Mudon residents.

Speaking to the Independent Mon News Agency on Saturday morning by phone, a resident in Mudon Township, said, “They [the armed group] drove a car into the office at 6 am, and shot the policeman and one telecommunication officer.

The policeman died and the telecommunication officer, Han Sein, was shot twice in the leg,” said the source.

“We can see the building from the outside, and it was not damaged a lot,” said the source.

The unknown armed group kidnapped a Hilux car in Mudon Township and forced the car driver to drive to the telecommunication office.

The telecommunications office is located in Kyaik Paik Village, about 2 miles away from Mudon town.

In the meantime, Burmese authorities are investigating, as no groups has claimed responsibility for the blast.

A small bomb exploded at the same telecommunication office in July 2008, but there were no casualties, only damages to furniture and some areas of the building.

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