WAR:Offensive against the SSA: From 6 days to two months-next move?

FRIDAY, 13 MAY 2011 13:03 S.H.A.N.

Early this month, the Burma Army’s 15 Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs) that were dispatched to Kehsi township, where the offensive was launched against the Shan State Progress Party/ Shan State Army (SSPP/ SSA), better known as the SSA North, since D-Day, 13 March, were withdrawn.

The number of reports of the fighting between the two sides have also become spotty, except between its cousin the SSA South and the Burma Army, of which the former is obviously engaged in diversionary operations.

The reasons are clear:

  • On the Burma Army’s side, a miscalculation had been made. It was at first thought the group could be overrun within 6-days. However, it later learned that the SSA North is not an easy target. The APCs were useless against it whose fighters did not have any positions to defend and who were fighting at close quarters. It also has, clearly with assistance from the SSA South, expanded its operations from central Shan State to the north.
  • Naypyitaw has also achieved its other objective: Closing off the Salween crossing that had served as links between the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and the SSA South.
  • On the SSA side, fighting alone against the Burma Army, while its allies, Kachin Independence Army (KIA) in the north and UWSA in the east, are “staying idle” is something less than desirable
Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Defense Service General Min Aung Hlaing (L front) greets Xu Caihou (R), vice chairman of China’s Central Military Commission, upon Xu’s arrival in Myanmar’s new capital of Nay Pyi Taw on May 12, 2011. Xu held talks with Min Aung Hlaing here Thursday shortly after Xu’s arrival in Nay Pyi Taw. (Xinhua/U Aung) Continue reading “WAR:Offensive against the SSA: From 6 days to two months-next move?”

“Thai Investigation on Refugee Camps because of pressure from the Burmese government”KIC

Thai authorities are scheduled to investigate Burmese refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma border at the end of May to determine the exact population in the camps, according to official sources.

Speaking to The Irrawaddy on Thursday, the governor of Thailand’s Tak Province, Samart Loyfa, said that local authorities and security forces will investigate the Mae La, Nu Po and Umpiem Mai refugee camps on May 23.

“We are investigating the refugee camps because we really want to know the exact population of the camps. Some refugee are living and working outside the camp,” said Samart Loyfa.

He said that Thai authorities are also investigating the camps in order to counteract illegal migration and drug trafficking. Continue reading ““Thai Investigation on Refugee Camps because of pressure from the Burmese government”KIC”

Force relocation and confiscation the land according to the main road construction

There were a number of tea farms confiscation and force relocation throughout Nam Shan to Man Tong for the main road construction, Northern Shan State, Burma.

Recently, on February 2011, two families from Homain village were forced to relocate their houses.

“Even though we did not get any compensation from the company, I have to pay (80000) kyats for grading the land into balance. Another person also has to pay (5000) kyats “said by the house owner who was forced relocation by the local authority.

The woman who is a shopkeeper also stated that “The families from my village (Man Mout), who lived the road side, were forced to relocate as well. As for me, I have already moved my residence-cum-shop three times “.

The villagers are very dissatisfy because they are frequently confiscated their tea farms, forests and plantations. The corporation companies of main road construction are Phyu Zin, Excellence Engineering, Chan Thar Shwe Myay and Man Myint Mo Hein Co.LTD.

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Collecting reserve soldiers after militia training-Northern Shan state

May 13, 2011

In northern Shan state, Nam Kham, the 90 villagers who live in upper Parn York village and below Parn York were forced to attend militia training by the battalion (144), which is based at the Marn That village. Out of the 90 villagers, some 30 villagers were chosen to attend the gun fighting exercise training as permanent militia to Nampaka village on April 2nd. Presently, 60 villagers have been collected in Marn That village as reserve recruits.

According to the villagers, they said the authorities have never called the Ta’ang villagers to attend the militia training before. However, the authorities did not train the villagers in gun fighting excise training and only collected the villagers as reserve recruits; the villagers are worried about the reasons for this reserve recruitment due to the ongoing fighting between the army and the ethnic groups in the area.

“The military regime forced us to attend the militia training; however, this time is unlike before because the authorities train us in gun fighting exercise training and collect us as reserve recruits.  After the SSA-N and military soldier were fighting, the military regime’s plan was to collect us as reserve recruits for the frontline. The military regime will try to use us (the Ta’ang people) in fighting with the Shan soldiers therefore the government will create conflict between ethnic groups”, said the villager.

The villagers, who were forced to attend the militia training for reserve recruits, have been faced with many family problems, such as money problems. Most of those villagers, who attended the militia training, were relying on the yield from their tea farm and other crops, as a result of being forced to attend the militia training they have been unable to tend to their crops, thus loosing money for their families and it put them under severe mental strain as they worry about their women, elderly relatives and children having enough to eat.

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Two Ta’ang’s young women were trafficked into China

May 13, 2011

Lway Ei Ngin the daughter of U Sam Mai and Lway O Mai the daughter of U Aung Pan from Kar Lai Kone Sar district, Man Mai village,  Kut Khai, Northern Shan State of Burma have been trafficked to China.
On the 8th February, 2011 Lway Ei Ngin and Lway Ei Mai, 17 years were lured to go and work in Nampaka market at the grocery shop with 3,5000 Kyat by U Chit Aye and his wife, Daw Shwe Kyar, from Nam Pa Kar No. 1, Kut Kai township.

Lway O Mai’s father, U Pan Aung went to meet with his daughter in Nampaka on 1st of March; however, U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar, who took his daughter, said that she was not there and that she was working in the restaurant at Koe Mon water tank. If you would like to see her, we will send her in three or four days.
When his daughter after he waited for a week still had not come, he asked help from Ta’ang leaders.  The Ta’ang leaders complained to the Nampakar police station on 7th of April after they found out that U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar had contact with human traffickers.

The Ta’ang leaders and Col Kyaw Kyaw Naing, head of the police station, interrogated U Chit Aye and Daw Shwe Kyar in their home. They said that they did not traffic and that the two girls were working in Kyang Houng, China and then they signed on the agreement paper that says,” We will bring the two girls home on the 11th of April.”  However, the two girls still haven’t come back until now. Consequently a complaint was sent to the Kut Khai police station on 21stof April again but the police are still have not followed this up.

There has also been a similar case which U Aik Htet (Saw Ti Ya)’s daughter, Ma Ei Mo, 23 years who live in Lon Kan district, Man Pu village, Kut Kai Township was trafficked into marriage in China.

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Ta’ang Students and Youth Organization (TSYO)

War:2 more clashes Burma army/SSA North

10 May 2011
Two more clashes in Tangyan township in Namlap and Nakha tracts between the Burma Army and the Shan State Army (SSA) North. “We saw 5 dead soldiers left on the battleground,” said a local source.(SHAN)
12 May 2011
A patrol from LID 514 attacked by SSA South. 1 corporal wounded. The SSA may be harassing Brig Gen Myat Tun Oo, Commander of the newly created Middle East Region Command, says Thai-Burma border security source. (SHAN)

first press suspension under the new Burmese government:True News newspaper suspended for two weeks

New Delhi (Mizzima) – In the first press suspension under the new Burmese government, the Rangoon-based True News newspaper has been suspended for two weeks for reporting controversial information, according to local journalists.

Retail booths called ‘Media Corners’ (in background) are being built by the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association in six townships in Rangoon. The media corners will sell newspapers, magazines, books, phone cards and computer accessories. Photo: MizzimaRetail booths called ‘Media Corners’ (in background) are being built by the Myanmar Writers and Journalists Association in six townships in Rangoon. The media corners will sell newspapers, magazines, books, phone cards and computer accessories. Photo: Mizzima

The publication’s editors were summoned to the censor board office and ordered to sign a pledge not to violate press regulations, a source close to the editors told Mizzima. It was the first suspension of a newspaper under the new government led by President Thein Sein.

The cause of the dispute and suspension was information in volume 3, number 34, which reported: ‘Everyone who owns a 1.5 million kyat (US$ 1,660) GSM phone is qualified to buy a 500,000 kyat GSM phone at a price of only 180,000 kyat’. Local journalists said the information had appeared in print in an earlier report.

According to a source close to the journal, the Posts and Telecommunications office reprimanded True News, threatened to sue, and the censorship board stepped in and punished the journal for the report.

When contacted by Mizzima, True News declined to comment.