WAR:Karen State Refugees Flee Latest Clash

A clash between Burmese government troops and the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA) in Kyarinn Seikgyi Township, Karen State has sent nearly 500 residents fleeing to Umpiem Township in Tak Province, Thailand.

“The skirmish began on Sunday morning and has lasted for nearly three days. Villagers from Karen State fled to Thailand,” said Captain Kyaw Moe from KNLA Brigade 103.

The governor of Thailand’s Tak Province, Samart Loifah, instructed township authorities to provide humanitarian assistance, said an official from the Umpiem Township administration.

Security forces have been increased along the border in Thailand due to the clash.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and NGO’s are trying to assist the refugees.

“When the clashes are over, the refugees have to go back. The Burmese army will take intensive offensive action against the Karen armed group this summer. In the future there will be more clashes,” said a village head from Umpiem Township.

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