Freedom of the Press 2011 Survey Release

Freedom of the Press 2011 identifies the greatest threats to independent media in 196 countries and territories. Released on May 2 as part of the UNESCO World Press Freedom Day celebration in Washington, D.C., the report shows that global media freedom has reached a new low point, contributing to an environment in which only one in every six people live in countries with a Free press. In 2010, there were particularly worrisome trends in the Middle East and the Americas, while improvements were noted in sub-Saharan Africa. Below are several critical tools to highlight data from the annual index of global press freedom, and to help explain the newest findings in their historical context.

Press Release – Read the press release detailing findings from Freedom of the Press 2011.
2011 Charts – The charts and graphs feature global and regional breakdowns for our three categories of “Free”, “Partly Free”, and “Not Free.”

Tables – Tables featuring country rankings and numerical scores for the 2011 index.
Overview Essay – Press Freedom in 2010: Signs of Change amid Repressiongives a thorough introduction to the state of global press freedom. It details trends identified in media freedom during the 2010 calendar year and offers a snapshot of regional gains and setbacks.
Methodology – View a description of the criteria used in the ratings process forFreedom of the Press 2011.
Map of Press Freedom 2011 – Each year Freedom House produces a graphic representation of its country ratings in the form of the Map of Press Freedom.

Press freedom over time:
Historical Maps – Using data from past reports, a series of 4 historical maps graphically demonstrate trends in media freedom over the past 30 years, at decade-long intervals.

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