Seven Civilians Kidnapped by Mon Armed Group

April 25th, 2011

By Independent Mon News Agency – Seven civilians, who work as loggers in Three Pagodas Pass (TPP) at the Thai-Burmese border, were released yesterday after being kidnapped by a Mon armed group led by Khin Maung.

Three Pagodas Pass ( Photo IMNA )Three Pagodas Pass ( Photo IMNA )

The Mon armed group, named, ‘Rehmonnya Hong Sar’, kidnapped seven civilians on April 22nd and asked for 150,000 Baht for their release.

However, a timber owner in TPP made a deal with the armed group, lowering the ransom to 80,000 Baht.

“They were released after I paid 80,000 baht,” said Khaing Win, a timber owner in TPP.

The seven loggers were kidnapped while cutting down trees in a New Mon State Party controlled area near TPP.

Meanwhile, the armed group remains active along the border area and the group has also demanded taxes rubber plantation owners in TPP, demanding 150,000 Baht from owners of large plantations and 50,000 Baht from owners of small plantations.

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