Petition addressed to the President of the Union of Myanmar by NLD


On the first day of the Burmese New Year, a signature campaign has been initiated by NLD members at the headquarters of NLD. In this campaign, people signed a petition addressed to the President of the Union of Myanmar requesting to take some concrete actions for national reconciliation and domestic peace of the country. In the letter, it is said that new government which is not just an ordinary administration that has been elected for ordinary term but the one that is responsible for bringing about a working democracy by opening a new page of Burmese history.

It also requests the new government to release all political prisoners unconditionally and immediately, to make a dialogue by peaceful political means after ceasing all armed conflict among Tatmadaw and ethnic armed groups and to create an environment for all organizations in exile, Burmese people living abroad and refugees to be able to come back home safely.

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