Kachin:Chinese army waiting on other side

China is ready to deploy troops from the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) on the China-Burma border, near Mongko Township, in Northern Shan State, Eastern Burma, as construction of a military camp in the area nears completion, according to a resident.

“All major buildings have been completed and only a small amount of construction is left to finish. Then Chinese troops will be deployed there,” residents from Mongko Township said.
china_army_pla“From the military camp they can clearly see into Burma,” said the resident.

The PLA camp is located 20 miles from the Kachin Independence Army’s (KIA) Brigade 4 camp, based in Shan State. However, it is on the road used by KIA troops to communicate with their headquarters in Kachin State.

And, the road is also strategically important for other ethnic armed groups, such as the United Wa State Army (UWSA) and Shan State Army (SSA).

The Burmese Military warned KIA Brigade 4 to avoid moving around near the China-Burma border in February.

China sent the fourth highest ranking official from the ruling Communist Party, Jia Qinglin, to meet with President Thein Sein, the leader of Burma’s new government, formerly the junta’s Prime Minister.

“We hope new Burmese government will try hard for stability and peace in the border areas,” Jia Qinglin is quoted as saying in the Chinese state run media.

“It is possible the PLA’s military camp was built on the front line to watch for instability on the border. Especially watching carefully when the UWSA and KIA refuse to follow the instructions of the Burmese military government,” said Bum Htoi, the former Captain of the Burmese Communist Party from Mongko.

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