WAR:Six Burmese Soldiers Killed in SSA/SSPP’s Ambush

At least 20 Burmese soldiers killed or injured in the ambush planned by Shan State Army (SSA)/ Shan State Progressive Party (SSPP) fighters in Kaesi area. There was a captain among the dead.


On 2 April at 5 pm SSA/SSPP fighters ambushed a farm tractor carrying some Burmese soldiers from Larng Khur based ILB 578 on the way between Panse village and Loi Yoi village, Kaesi Towship.  While they headed to Nam Puk base at Nam Puk village, Ha Wan tract to rotate at the duty, Burmese soldiers were attacked.


In the 15 minutes- fighting, Burmese Army lost 6 men and at least 12 wounded. Among the dead were a captain and 5 privates. SSA/SSPP side suffers nothing.


Since Burmese Army launched a series of attacks on them last month, SSA/ SSPP has declared that they would use guerrilla warfare to defense themselves against Burmese Army that enter their controlled areas.

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