WAR:Burma Army close all boat routes to Shan army areas


All boats running in the Namtu River (Dutthawaddy) from Burma Army controlled areas to the Shan State Army (SSA) ‘North’ territory in Shan State North’s Hsipaw township were closed down by the military junta and some were kept by the authorities as well, according to local sources.

All the boats from Tatay, Hart Len, Kunlong and Namsim villages that lies along the river were ordered to stop running since Monday, 28 March. It was issued by Hsipaw authorities, said a local resident.

Some 80 boats were being detained by the authorities, up to date, saying the owners failed to comply with the order. Currently, villagers residing there are facing difficulty to travel and live their lives as the people there are only using the boats for their transportation to trade their goods and vegetables, just like people living in Shan State South’s Inlay Lake.

“They [the authorities] come and wait along the river side everyday to stop the boats. No one dares to go now because fearing arrest,” he said. “But they did not tell us why they did not allow running the boats.”

The order is believed to be related to an attack reportedly took place in Shan State North’s Kyaukme township, where the former SSA’s 3rd Brigade was active, killing over 30 Burma Army soldiers and many injured.

The SSA’s First Brigade-turned Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA) is reportedly extending its controlled region to its former areas in Namtu, Namhsan, Mongmit and Kyaukme townships while fighting against the Burma army, local residents said.

The clashes between the two sides are reported almost everyday since 13 March. The SSA was given an ultimatum to surrender by 1st April, today. But to date the SSA is still reportedly ignoring it.

The SSA has retreated to the deep jungles since the first day the offensive started. Proposal submitted at the parliament to find peaceful resolution with the ethic armed groups by ethnic parties on 25 March was defeated by 520 votes against 106 votes in favor.


Congratulations Letters bestowed to U Khun Tun Oo and detained Shan leaders by NLD

Shan Leaders

A ceremony to congratulate detained Shan leaders including U Khun Tun Oo, Chairman of Shan Nationalities League for Democracy who have been arrested and sent to remote prisons by the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) in February 2005, was held at the house of U Khun Tun Oo on 30th March, 2011. The ceremony was organized by ethnic leaders and democracy forces and letters of congratulations were bestowed to detained Shan leaders.

Ethnic leaders such as Naing Ngwe Thein, U Aye Thar Aung, U Pu Cin Tian Htan, U Htaung Co Thang and U Sai Saw Aung and NLD central executive committee members including U Win Tin, U Ohn Kyaing, U Nyan Win and U Han Thar Myint, veteran politicians, and some other leaders attended the ceremony. In that ceremony, Naing Ngwe Thein handed the Letters of Congratulations for U Khun Tun Oo and other detained Shan leaders to U Khun Tun Oo’s wife Daw Wai Wai Lwin. Thakin Chan Tun and U Win Tin made some congratulatory remarks for them. Then Dr. Aung Tin Oo read out the congratulations letter on behalf of the organizers of the event. U Sai Saw Aung responded with words of thanks on behalf of detained Shan leaders to the organizers.

(Photos above and below: Ethnic leaders and NLD leaders visited family of U Khun Tun Oo in August 2010)

shan leaders



Burma:Earthquake Assessments report- We have got report from the person who is already in Earthquake area.by BDC

Earthquake Assessments report
01 April 2011

Earthquake Assessments report

We have got report from the person who is already in Earthquake area.

Situation Report

1. Once landed at in Tachieleik, the situation is that the people stay outside the airport are in temporary tents to check arrivals/departure since airport building have some cracks.

2. The worse affected areas are Tarlay, Mai Ling and many tribal villages between Kentung and Tachieliek where severe damages and some villages destroyed totally. After the earthquake, there were more than 6 aftershock quakes until 27 March and there is also high risk with landslide in hill areas and the situation is very unstable until now.

3. The weather is very cold due to small rain but the people in the affected areas stay in small temporary tents struggling against the cold weather as they dare not stay inside the buildings due to unstable quakes. Some families totally lost everything with nothing left and in need of support on cloths, food and mainly water and other basic needs. The shelter is also in need.

3. Clean water is main urgent required in the area now since the water tanks & ponds are destroyed and they ground water is turned unclean and people more than 100 in the villages suffer from dirrohea. Everyone need water and the water sell in all public stores at Tachileik are running out (also have difficulty to order from factory) and the price is very expensive as reported by the person. The NGOs also provide water treatment tablets but distributed in some areas only .

4. Many NGO and organization send relief goods to the affected areas and the big help goes to Tarlay & Mailing, the worse affected area but still there are some villages which are less accessible by NGO and organizations due to difficult access since the Tarlay bridge( the bridge connected to Kengtung)was destroyed by the quake. It was repaired and reopen on 28 March but only allowed light trucks and cycles to travel. But still there are some affected villages less accessed by supporters.

5. There are more than 100 patients hurt by damages in the hospital in Tarchileik and many of them are from villages with nothing left after the damage and in need of support for medical care and other basic needs.

6. The reports of the earthquake areas about the damages are more than estimated and there is more loss in the area on the ground.

The currency used in the area is Baht (Thai currency). The person reported that these people are poor families with nothing left under damages and still in need of help.