Women Gang-Raped by Burmese Soldiers in Nam Lao Area

Thursday, 31 March 2011 12:02
Three women from Nam Lao village, Murng Kao tract, Tang Yan township were gang-raped by the Burmese soldiers of Murng Kao based IB 33 after they captured Nam Lao area from the hands of SSA/SSPP recently.


On 21 March at night, 7 soldiers from IB 33 raped Nang Mya, age 30 for the whole night at a house in Nam Lao village.


On the same day, some Burmese soldiers from IB 33 raped Ar Mwe, age 30, a Chinese at Loon Lao Yang’s house.  They also threatened Ar Mwe’ sisters with gunpoint who witnessed their raping, not to complain it to others or she would be shot dead.


On 23 March, at 4:20 pm, some Burmese soldiers from IB 33, raped Nang Ap, age 19 of Nam Lao village. She was raped on the way in the village when she was returning from outside.


No one dared to help her as villagers are afraid of being shot by Burmese soldiers.



Last Updated ( Thursday, 31 March 2011 12:07 )


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