Thai sugar export ban irks Myanmar; closes pier at Mae Sot border

    TAK, March 10 – Myanmar on Thursday has closed a pier in Tak’s Mae Sot district indefinitely, banning all imported Thai items after Thailand bans the export of sugar to Myanmar, according to a Thai source at the Mae Sot chamber of commerce.

    A pier in Ban Huay Muang in Mae Sot district is quiet after the Myanmar authorities banned transport of all commodities from the Thai side, but allow goods from Myanmar to be shipped to Thailand normally, so that Thai goods bound to Myanmar have been stranded at the pier.

    In response to the ban on Thai goods, a large number of Myanmar nationals crossed the Moei River to buy goods from Thailand for fears of possible food shortages.

    The source at the Mae Sot chamber of commerce commented that the move of Myanmar was in response to Thailand’s strict measures on sugar exports to Myanmar and sugar smuggling at border. (MCOT online news)


ခဗဏဢဤကဠဥဎိဂဢဥ – ခဗဏဢဤကဠဥဎိဂဢဥ

ငဟမကဢဦဋဗဈဢဥ ဝဆဤဏလဂဢဦဋဣဢဤျဆဠမဂဢဦငဟမကဢဦဋဣဢဤဆယဥခဠဏဢဎဋဢ ဋဠမဂဢဦဆအဦဉိဆဢဦကဗဂဢဈဈဢဧျ ဋဗဈဢဥဃဣဢဧကဠဈဢဦဋဠမဂဢဦ တမဋဢဦတိဋဢဦဆယဥဃဠမဏဢဦခဏဢ ရဆဆဂဢဥဆဠမဂဢဦငဟမကဢဦ ဋဣဢဤဈဈဢဧ ဉဗအဥဋဠမဏဢဦဌဠဤခဠဏဢဎဋဢျ ဋဗဈဢဥဎဗဆဢဥ ရခဘဥထဗဂဢဥဏဘဥကဠဈဢဦငဟမကဢဦ ကအဧဌဟမဏဢဦ ငဟမကဢဦဋဗဈဢဥဈဘဤဏဘဥ ဈဂဢဤဈအ် ထဈဢခဏဢဃဣဢဧခဗအဧဉဗအဥဈဈဢဧ ဉဈဢခဗဏဢဦဆဗဂဢဦ 20 ဏဈဢဦဉဗအဆဂဢဥဝဆဤ ဏဈဢဦဇမ 15.03.2011 ဇဟမဂဢ 10.04.2011တဣဢဥခဗအဧဌဏဢဧဋဠဆဢဦ် ဏဗဈဢဥဃဠမဏဢဦထဈဢဎအဥခဗအဧ-

1.               ဏဗဈဢဥကလဂဢဦခဋဢဦ                ထဠမဂဢဤဎိအဎ              ဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦဈဋဢဧဃဗဂဢ

2.               ဏဗဈဢဥညဘငိဈဢဧ              ထဠမဂဢဤဎိအဎ              ဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦဈဋဢဧဃဗဂဢ

3.               ဏဗဈဢဥဉဗဂဢဤငဘဤ               ထဠမဂဢဤဎိအဎ              ဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦဈဋဢဧဃဗဂဢ

4.               ဏဗဈဢဥဋဠစဢဤရဆဘဤ            ထဠမဂဢဤဎိအဎ              ဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦဈဋဢဧဃဗဂဢ

5.               ဏဗဈဢဥဈဘဦရဎဘဦ              ထဠမဂဢဤခဠဏဢထဟဆဢဤ      ကမဂဢဤဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦခဠဏဢဎဋဢ

6.               ဏဗဈဢဥညဘဂဗဉဢဤ                 ထဠမဂဢဤခဠဏဢထဟဆဢဤ      ကမဂဢဤဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦခဠဏဢဎဋဢ

7.               ဏဗဈဢဥဆဗဆဢဤဎဗအဦ           ထဠမဂဢဤဈိဂဢတဗအဦ          ကမဂဢဤဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦခဠဏဢဎဋဢ

8.               ဏဗဈဢဥတဗအဦဎဗအဥ                 ထဠမဂဢဤတဗအဦဎဗအဥ          ကမဂဢဤဝဃဥဏလဂဢဦခဠဏဢဎဋဢ

Dams part of junta strategy against rebels

THURSDAY, 10 MARCH 2011 16:25 S.H.A.N.

Sai Sai, head of the Shan Sapawa environmental group and leading member of Burma Rivers Network (BRN), told SHAN today completion of the 7 mega dams on the Salween would strangle the struggle of the resistance armed movements fighting for self-rule.

Speaking on the sidelines of the press conference launching “Stop the Dam Offensive against the Karenni” at an undisclosed venue on the Thai-Burma border, he said, “There are 7 dams being planned on the Salween. 7 dams mean 7 man-made lakes, which wills be closely guarded by tens of thousands of the Burma Army troops. The resistance fighters trying to cross the river will become sitting ducks.”

The projected 7 dams, from north to south, are: Kunlong, Nawng Pha and Tasang in Shan State; Ywathit in Karenni (Kayah) State; and Weigyi, Dagwin and Hutgyi in Karen State. Continue reading “Dams part of junta strategy against rebels”

Former Thai PM Visits Mon Village

March 10th, 2011

By LAWI WENG & NAI KASAUH MON – Former Thai Prime Minster Surayud Chulanont visited “Wat Wiweikaram” monastery, in Sangkhlaburi, near to the Thai-Burmese border today, where he paid his respects for the 100th birthday of a well-known Mon Buddhist monk, Rev. Uttama.

Former Thai Prime Minster Surayud Chulanont is paiying his respects for the 100th birthday of Mon Buddhist Rev. Uttama where he opened the ceremony to commence the building of six small statues of Rev. Uttama (Photo : IMNA )

Surayud Chulanont arrived at around 2pm, where he opened the ceremony to commence the building of six small statues of Rev. Uttama. Nearly 2,000 Mon people in the area came to worship and make donations throughout the day. Continue reading “Former Thai PM Visits Mon Village”