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KA and KNLA joints forces cut Burmese Army’s accomodations-Ktimes

February 2, 2011

Karenni Army jointed with KNLA has cut a massive accommodations on boats from Burmese troops that carried by resident villagers in District no. 2, Karenni State.

Karenni Army making foods in front line (Photo: KA)

Karenni Army making foods in front line (Photo: KA)

The Karenni Army regiment no. 1, control commander troops and KNLA brigade no. 5 the three armed forces have crossed and seized the Burmese Army’s accommodations on January 21 in Peh Htar area, Pa Saung Township.

Saw Ket Ro, a spoken person from KA regiment no.1 said that the Burmese Army forced residents for carrying the accommodations, he added, “There is no Burmese troops on boats, we seen only residents that mean they ordered villagers to carry for them. Meanwhile, for the first term they (villagers) with their packages have already passed and we have seized for the second terms on the way to Karen State.”

The jointed forces has seized 800 sacks of rice, 350 sacks of concrete , 50 sacks of yellow bean and 800 gallons of petrol from villagers with 9 boats. However, the villagers those who carry things for the Burmese Army were sent back, the sources said.

“The boats are belonged to the villagers, which seems the Burmese Army ordered villagers to carry the accommodations to cross Pa Saung thought the water way on Salween to the South-East based battalions. South-east also mean “into Karen State.” Saw Ket Ro, a spoken person of KA.


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