The Clashes Break out between SSA and Junta Backed Militia Units



In late January, the clashes broke out between the SSA fighters and the Junta backed militia units such as PNO militia unit and Ai Htwe militia unit, causing many casualties from the militia units sides and SSA captured many weapons and ammunitions.


On January 27, 2011, the clash broke out between SSA fighters and PNO militia unit at Murng Zit area, Nam Zarng Township, central Shan State, resulting 5 dead from PNO side and SSA seizes 4 assorted rifles.


Another clash broke out between SSA fighters and PNO militia unit on January 27 at Tong Nao area, Loi Lem Township too. The loss of PNO was unknown and the SSA fighters were safe.


On January 28 at 6 am, SSA fighters raided Ai Htwe militia unit’s base at Hamngai area, Murng Kerng Township and destroyed the whole base. In the 5 hours-fighting, SSA fighters captured 30 assorted rifles and ammunitions. There was no loss from SSA side.



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