Suu Kyi Meets Thai FM

Suu Kyi Meets Thai FM

Burma’s pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi had an one-hour talk with Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya at the Thai embassy in Rangoon on Friday morning, said officials of her party, the National League for Democracy. “The discussion was quite frank, but we still have no details from it,” said a party official. The personal meeting was the first between Suu Kyi and another country’s foreign minister since her release from house arrest in November.Published Friday, Jan. 21, 2011 Irrawaddy news


Junta authorities new direktive in Shan State East’s: not original inhabitants of the township to relocate

More  people expected to flee to Thailand

In this week, the military junta authorities in Shan State East’s Mongton township, have passed a directive to the people who were not original inhabitants of the township to relocate to the newly developed sub-township of Monghta. Due to the order, many people have considered to move to Thailand, according to local sources.

The order was passed by the local commander of Mongton through village headmen two days ago. It ran that anyone who failed to comply with the instruction would have to return to their original places and no longer be allowed to reside in Mongton, said a non-native person in Pongpakhem sub-township, Mongton township.

“They [the authorities] said they would take responsibility to carry us [people who were going there] in their military trucks. They would also provide us with some furniture like wood and thatches when we got there,” he said.

“However no one is happy to go and stay there, because there is no business opportunity and no place to do agriculture. What will we eat there without jobs and farms? Will we have to start everything from the beginning again?” he added.

The project is expected to complete by the end of the month. According to many people speaking to SHAN, they said they planned to migrate to Thailand, while some others were still under confusion about where to go.

In Mongton township, there are two areas that attract most outside people to live in: Pongpakhem and Nakawngmu which are located on the significant point for trade. Nakawngmu alone consists of over 1,000 households, 900 of which are non-native people, according to locals in Nakawngmu.

Most of the non-natives are believed to come from Shan State South’s Mongkeung, Laikha, Loilem and Namzarn where clashes between Burma Army and rebel groups, especially the Shan State Army (SSA) ‘South’ usually took place. Continue reading “Junta authorities new direktive in Shan State East’s: not original inhabitants of the township to relocate”

Three-Day Summit Cements US-China Frenemy Status by IPS

WASHINGTON, Jan 20, 2011 (IPS) – On the tail end of Chinese leader Hu Jintao’s three-day visit to the U.S. capital, observers are cautiously pleased with what they see as a constructive summit between the two nation’s leaders, but eager to see whether this week’s promises will translate into tangible results.

“Overall, the two sides got at least part of what they wanted,” John Feffer, co-director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies, told IPS. “The U.S. got 45 billion dollars in Chinese investments – that’s a lot of money [and] an important kind of victory that Obama can bring to Congress… 45 billion dollars is not only a lot of money, it means several hundred thousand [American] jobs – and that’s the issue that is paramount in people’s minds.”

“On the Chinese side, this [summit] is a key indicator of Chinese status in the world – to be accorded full honours in a visit like this… with relatively little in the way of embarrassment,” Feffer added.

The summit’s timing is key, as it follows a year of seemingly aggressive Chinese actions in the Asia-Pacific region, drawing the ire of its neighbours and their Western allies. Analysts say that this week’s mostly glitch-free meet was thus a step forward in improving China’s image in the international community, and improving Washington- Beijing relations.

Lost in Translation?

In addition to Beijing’s promise to purchase 45 billion dollars in U.S. exports, the White House announced that China made pledges to ramp up its efforts to protect intellectual property and eliminate some discriminatory businesses practices, such as not basing government procurement decisions on the countries of origin of goods and services – a victory for U.S. firms who complain they are being edged out of the Chinese market unfairly. Continue reading “Three-Day Summit Cements US-China Frenemy Status by IPS”

BGF ဒုတပ္ၾကပ္တဦးႏွင့္ ရဲေဘာ္တဦး KNU ထံ လာေရာက္ပူးေပါင္းby KIC

ဇန္န၀ါရီလ ၂၁ရက္။ ေစာခါးစူးညား (ေကအိုင္စီ)

KNU တပ္မဟာ(၇)နယ္ေျမအတြင္း လႈပ္ရွားေနသည့္ နယ္ျခားေစာင့္တပ္-BGF (၁၀၁၈)တပ္ရင္းမွ ဒုတပ္ၾကပ္ျဖစ္သူ ေစာေသာင္းထြန္းေက်ာ္ႏွင့္ တပ္သားျဖစ္သူ ေစာေအာင္စိုးမင္းတို႔သည္ AR ေသနတ္ ၂လက္၊ မကၠစင္း ၆ခ်ပ္၊ က်ည္ ေတာင့္ ၂၀၀ႏွင့္အတူ ယမန္ေန႔ညေန ၃နာရီခန္႔တြင္ နယ္ေျမခံ KNLA တပ္ဖြဲ႕၀င္ထံ လာေရာက္ပူးေပါင္းခဲ့သည္။ Continue reading “BGF ဒုတပ္ၾကပ္တဦးႏွင့္ ရဲေဘာ္တဦး KNU ထံ လာေရာက္ပူးေပါင္းby KIC”

Ashion Pyinya Sara’s Case Being Appealed to Naypyiday Court

Sittwe: The amended arguments for the case of Ashion Pyinya Sara, who was sentenced to eight years and three months in prison by the district court, have been recenly submitted to the Naypyidaw court after the appeal to the state court in the capital Sittwe was rejected, said Daw Aye Nu Sein, the defense lawyer in the case.


“We submitted our amended arguments for his case to the Naypyidaw court on 13 January as our appeal to the state court was dismissed with brief remarks. We can not accept the harsh sentence for an acquittal case against him by the district court here,” she said.

She said that the amended arguments for the case were being submitted to the court in accordance with Burmese laws.

“According to the Burmese laws, the court will summon me to give arguments about why the case should be heard in that court. After examining my arguments, the court will decide whether to continue to hear the case,” she added.

“I went to Tharet Prison to see Ashion Pyinya Sara on 12 January. Even I, his lawyer, was allowed only five minutes to see him. Only the prison authority knows why they have to be so strict for him. But I found him in good health,” she added.

Ashion Pyinya Sara was sentenced to his current prison term and a fine of 10,000 kyat on charges of possessing illegal foreign currency and blue movies, misuse of religious buildings or premises, and misuse of funding, despite that he was originally arrested on charges of breaking religious laws for having sex with a female.

He was arrested on 27 September, 2010, and sentenced to prison by the district court in Sittwe on unjustified accusations.

After his arrest, the army took away 100 orphans from his Mahamuni Orphanage and moved them to undisclosed locations in Burma proper. They also took the Arakanese cultural antiques he had collected over the years.


NDF Bawk Ja hunted by police

The police have launched a massive hunt for Bawk Ja, candidate of the National Democratic Force (NDF) from Hpakant Township in Burma’s northern Kachin State, said local sources close to her. An arrest warrant has been issued for her by the Burmese military junta.

The police have cast its net wise for her in three townships— Myitkyina, Hpakant and Danai (Tanai) soon after Brig-Gen Zeyar Aung, Burmese junta’s commander of Northern Regional Command (Ma-Pa-Kha) issued the arrest warrant on Bawk Ja on January 17, said the sources in Myitkyina.

bawk_ja_kngBawk Ja. Photo: Kachin News Group

Prior to issuing the arrest warrant, she was being tracked by the police for allegedly selling medicines illegally in gold mining fields in Hukawng Valley, a source close to her told Thailand-based Kachin News Group today. Continue reading “NDF Bawk Ja hunted by police”