Junta’s Chief Than Shwe turns down Suu Kyi’s Second Panglong Approach by Zin Linn

Burma’s Commander-in-Chief of Defense Services Senior General Than Shwe made an address at the Passing out of Parade of No. 12 Intake of the Defence Services Medical Academy on 24 December.

According to his speech, in Burma, there are over 100 ethnic groups who have lived in friendship and harmony since prehistoric time. He said that all the nationalities in the country have established unity in diversity, having been born and living on the same land. Than Shwe also spotlighted the geographical features of Burma, which include high mountain ranges and main rivers that flow from the north to the south, make transportation difficult and delayed communications among the ethnic nationalities.

At one point, Than Shew said, “Moreover, under colonialism, they were subject to many years of systematic divide-and-rule practices. The national peoples become suspicious of one another, prompting our leaders to make strenuous efforts during the struggle for independence so that the central Myanmar (Burma) and the mountainous regions could gain independence together.”

He explained further more that doubts toward one another deepened in the post-independence era, giving swell up to multi-coloured insurgencies across the country.

So, during the period when the Tatmadaw or Burma Army has taken the responsibilities of the State, east-west and north-south networks of motor roads, railroads and airports have been built. According to his speech, the junta has made improvement of transportation and communication, friendship and harmony among the nationalities. By doing such advancement, the nation has been achieved in the economic, health and education sectors of the States, he said. Continue reading “Junta’s Chief Than Shwe turns down Suu Kyi’s Second Panglong Approach by Zin Linn”