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The United States supports a unified, peaceful, prosperous, and democratic Burma. U.S. assistance programs promote efforts to foster a peaceful transition to democracy in Burma; aid displaced persons, refugees, and migrants who have been driven from their homes; address the continuing need for humanitarian assistance; improve health care and educational opportunities; foster democratic culture and practices; and equip key individuals and organizations with the skills and capacity to advocate for and take advantage of improved governance. (Source: Congressional Budget Justification FY 2011)
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GDP () N/A
Population (2009) 50,019,775
Per Capita Income () N/A
Annual % Population Growth (2009) 0.92%
% Urban Population (2009) 33.24%


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UPDATE:Arbitrary arrest in Waw Lay village and execution in Meh K’Ner village

Displacement Monitoring: Regular updates on protection concerns for villagers in Dooplaya District and Tak Province

Civilians in Dooplaya District continue to be impacted by conflict between the Tatmadaw and armed Karen groups, who have increased fighting since November 7th 2010. The situation remains highly unstable and civilians report a variety of human rights and security concerns related to ongoing conflict and conflict-related abuse. In order to provide as current information as possible on the fighting and related protection concerns, KHRG will post to this page immediate situation updates that are not posted in the regular news bulletin, field report, map and photo gallery sections of the KHRG website. All new updates and reports regarding the situation for civilians in Dooplaya will also be accessible through the new ‘Displacement Monitoring’ section of the KHRG website.

Update No.36: December 23rd 2010 – 4:00 pm
Arbitrary arrest in Waw Lay village and execution in Meh K’Ner village

On December 21st 2010 at approximately 11 am, a KHRG researcher spoke to M—, a resident of Waw Lay village, who reported two separate incidents of serious human rights abuses committed by Tatmadaw soldiers during the last week in eastern Kawkareik Township, Dooplaya District.

The first incident was reported by M— to have occurred on December 19th 2010 in Waw Lay village. M— told KHRG that he had been arrested by Tatmadaw soldiers and accused of stealing from the house of N—, another resident of Waw Lay village. He told KHRG that the Tatmadaw soldiers did not believe him when he said he had not entered N—‘s house, and held him for one to two hours at a house belonging to C—, another villager from Waw Lay. He told KHRG that, while he was held, the soldiers, under the command of Sergeant B—, questioned him and threatened to beat him with their guns.

The second incident was reported by M— to have occurred on December 18th 2010 in Meh K’Ner village, Kawkareik Township, approximately three hours on foot from Myawaddy Town, Pa’an District. M— told KHRG that A—, a DKBA soldier, returned to Meh K’Ner village to check on his house, where his wife, daughter and parents-in-law lived. M— heard from his friend G—, who is A—‘s neighbour in Meh K’Ner village, that, when A— returned, Tatmadaw soldiers on patrol in the village recognized him as a being a DKBA soldier. G— told M— that the Tamadaw soldiers came to A—‘s house and shot and killed him and all four of his other family members living in the house, including A—‘s two-year old daughter. KHRG has yet to separately confirm this incident, however it is, at minimum, a strong indicator of what villagers in the area view to be a credible threat from Tatmadaw soldiers.



United Wa State Army (UWSA) has extended an offer for peace talks with the new government


The United Wa State Army (UWSA), one of the ceasefire groups at loggerheads with the Burma Army over the Border Guard Force (BGF) program, has extended an offer for peace talks with the new government that is expected to be installed early next year, according to local sources.

Xiao Minliang speaking at a party conference (On his right hand side is Bo Lakham) (Photo: UWSA)

The announcement was made at UWSA’s political wing United Wa State Party (UWSP)’s 5th  district level party congress which is being held in Mongmai, 170 km north of its main base Panghsang. The USDP was formed on 20 December 1988.

The congress fittingly started on 20 December and to be held until 29 December, has some 2,500 participants including Xiao Minliang, vice chairman of the Wa State; Bo Lai Kham, Chairman of the Wa Political Consultative Conference;Bao Youri, Political Commissar of the Wa’s southern military region 171; and Ai Lon, deputy Commander in Chief.

Casting votes (Photo: UWSA)

“We are ready to send a delegation to talk with the new government on the basis of ‘Opposition to War’ and ‘Work for Peace and Development’ principles,” he was quoted as saying.

Panghsang is only reiterating its statement on 6 November, a day before the elections, expressing its readiness to resume peace talks with the new government, said a participant.

Bao Samrai, Commander, 618th Brigade (Photo: UWSA)

The two sides have also been reinforcing more troops and weapons, building bunkers, and digging trenches in bases along the front, since the Beijing-mediated talks failed earlier this year.

The UWSA had also set up a new brigade, the 618th, at Manghseng-Nawngkhet area facing Burma Army’s strongest base Loi Panglong, a Wa officer said.

Counting votes (Photo: UWSA)

Currently, the UWSA has 9 Brigades, one artillery unit and 4 people’s militia brigades in the 4 districts under its control: Mongmai (916th Brigade), Wiangkao (917th Brigade), Mongpawk 918th Brigade) and Mongyawn (unidentified).  Each brigade is 2,500-3,200 strong, he claims.

Elections for district committee members are being held today. 


Not Confirmed :All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) is removed from the list of Terrorist Organizations by the US Homeland Security Dept

From C-Box: We received the information that the All Burma Students’ Democratic Front (ABSDF) is removed from the list of Terrorist Organizations by the US Homeland Security Dept and the official announcement will be made soon. This news is the X’mas gift to all our comrades. By Min Htay (ABSDF)

ABSDF အဖြဲ ့ကို Homeland security dept မွ ABSDF အဖြဲ႔အား အၾကမ္းဖက္ စာရင္းမွပယ္ဖ်က္လိုက္ၿပီၿဖစ္ေၾကာင္းသတင္းေကာင္းကို Sue Chaffee မွ
က်ေနာ္တို႔အားယေန႔ (12 /22 /2010 )မွာ၀မ္းေၿမာက္စြာ လက္ခံရရိွ ပါတယ္။့့့့
ဒီသတင္းကို Homeland security မွ မၾကာခင္တရား၀င္ထုတ္ၿပန္ ေတာ့ မည္ၿဖစ္ေၾကာင္းကိုရဲေဘာ္အားလံုးသို႔ ခရစ္စမတ္လက္ေေဆာင္အၿဖစ္
သတင္းေကာင္းပ…ါးအပ္ပါတယ္ ။
Min Htay wrote