Thailand_One of Karenni migrant workers killed and one hospitalizes

20.December 2010

Burmese migrant workers’ life is extremely uncertain and unsafe in Thailand as they flee one difficult or deadly situation into another, meanwhile one of Karenni in Chiang Mai has been hospitalized after one chop killed by the Thai boss’s sons on December 11, said the migrant workers assistance.

According to the Catholic Community Development Action Group said that the guy who known as David (21) was badly killed while the other one Taw Law (24), were escaped from killing. However, escaped with seriously wound that hit with knife in neck, stomach and waist.

The cased was occurred at around 7:00 pm. At that time, David was going out with the boss’s sons and he is probably killed in the way back home, according to the hospitalized, adding that the two sons come to the apartment of Taw Law and pulled him from bed then chop him with knife.

The Catholic Community Development Action Group said, “These two workers are very important for the rich, but the boss did not pay regular salary to them. While these two have left for no payment, the boss recalled to come and work again without no allowing them to apply for other jobs, but the workers have not received payments.”

The boss’s family has fled from the dead cased, while the unconfirmed news state that the two boss’ sons are arrested.

“We could not believe on the news because the Thai police will not charges equally on the cased between Thai and Burmese migrant workers. However, we attempt to follow the case as well as we can help” said, a member of to the Catholic Community Development Action Group.

Police abuse migrants with impunity. Migrants reported constant fear of extortion by the police, who demand money or valuables from migrants held in police custody in exchange for their release. It is not uncommon for a migrant to lose the equivalent of one to several months’ pay in one extortion incident.

Human Rights Watch’s 124-page report on February 23, 2010 is based on 82 interviews with migrants from neighboring Burma, Cambodia, and Laos. It describes the widespread and severe human rights abuses faced by migrant workers in Thailand, including killings, torture in detention, extortion, and sexual abuse, and labor rights abuses such as trafficking, forced labor, and restrictions on organizing.


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