One KPC soldier killed; six arrested by KIC


The Burmese Army shot dead one soldier of the KNU/KNLA Peace Council yesterday morning and arrested six.

At about 9 am, Burmese Army troops surrounded the KPC soldiers led by Lt. Tae Khee in Palawtapo area, near Phaluu village in Myawaddy township in Karen State. The junta’s forces started shooting. One Karen soldier was killed in the clash and six were arrested.

“I heard that six soldiers under the command of Lt. Tae Khee were arrested. One was shot down by the Burmese Army troops. But, I have not received details about the clash,” Brigadier Gen. Saw T. Mathi of the KNU/KNLA Peace Council said.

“Burmese Army troops were going to attack Wor Lay. So, we ambushed them along the way to Wor Lay. We heard that they (junta’s forces) rounded up soldiers from the KPC at Palawtapo, near Phaluu village. The unit of KPC has a few soldiers there,” a KNLA soldier said.

Currently, the Burmese Army’s IB 62 under MOC 8 has been patrolling the Phaluu area. On November 24, the battalion fired artillery shells on the way to Wor Lay and around the area because the DKBA Brigade 5 and KNU forces obstructed the Burmese Army, according to the KNLA soldier.

Lt. Tae Khee is not included among the dead and detained soldiers of the KPC forces. Karen Information Center tried to contact Gen. Saw Htein Maung, the chairman of the KPC, and Gen. Saw Yin Nu but failed.

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