Burmese government maintains silence on KPF surrender


Nai Shaung hands over weapons to SEC at Moulmein

IMNA :  A Burmese battalion participated in a secret handover of weapons from the Karen Peace Front (KPF) led by Lieutenant Colonel Saw Lay War, based in Three Pagoda Pass (TPP), to Burmese troops.

The KPF handed over their arms to Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 283 to Colonel Thein Zaw without holding a ceremony of surrender, reported a source close to the Burmese army.

This source further explained that “the reason they secretly handed over their weapons was so that the Karen National Union (KNU) would not become aware of the KPF’s actions.” Lt. Col. Saw Lay War was captured for a few days last year by the KNU while the KPF was traveling to Nay Pyi Daw, Burma’s capitol to become part of the Border Guard Force (BGF).  More than 60 KPF members handed over more than 40 weapons on November 27th before the deadline set by the government to become part of the BGF. The Burmese army authorities kept it from KPF.

One TPP resident reported that though the Burmese did not have a ceremony for the weapon handover, there will be a ceremony when the KPF becomes part of the Border Guard Force (BGF) fighting for the Burmese government.
A source close to KPF members explained that KPF agreed to join the BGF in August this year. A few KPF officers have already attended military training in Wekali village, Thanphyuzayart Township, Mon State.

The KPF who surrendered to SPDC on February 24, 1997 after which it was demanded that the KPF hand their weapons over to the Burmese government. The KPF army aimed to make the handover on 23th and 24th but actuated the handover on Nov 27th before the government deadline.

Khitpyaing, a Burmese news agency based in Bangkok, stated through information from a KPF officer that the Burmese government plans on setting up a base in Kyainnseikkyi area for Battalion No.1, Kyaikdone area for Battalion No.2 and TPP area for Battalion No.3.

Similarly on October 26th, the former Southeast Command Commander Maj. Gen. Thet Naing Win of the Ministry of Defence and Southeast Command Commander Tun Nay Lin held a ceremony in which the Mon Peace Group led by Nai Shaung handed over their weapons to the Burmese at Moulmein on October 26th.

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