Burma Election Boycott Song by All Kachin Students and Youth Union

The exiled All Kachin Students Youth Union (AKSYU) released an album of songs protesting against the 2010 general election yesterday in Kachin State, according to Leonard, the group’s leader. 

About 1,000 copies of the ‘Rise Up’ album are being distributed free of charge in Myitkyina, the Capital of Kachin State, in Northern Burma. The group said the purpose of the project is to educate the public about the misleading tactics used by the junta and encourage people to oppose the election.
anti-election-song2“This election is trying to legalize the 2008 constitution and there is no justice. That is why we are trying to give the message to the people to oppose the election,” said Leonard.

The songs, which are sung by exiled Kachin young people in the Shan language, include titles such as Slavery System, Let Us Rise Up, Cross Sign and Hope to Panglong.  Another song, Giving A Little Opportunity and Lying, is in Rawang.

“Kachin people have been hoping for many years for the coming of a real federal system, but now the military dictatorship is ruling and the constitution only supports the military government. The election is coming and all patriots should know the truth and rise up against the election. This is our right and our chance,” said the words of one song.
anti-election-song1“We hold to the Panglong agreement and we want the federal system which was organized by all ethnic groups,” Leonard said commenting on the song Hope To Panglong.

The AKSYU has also distributed pamphlets and given speeches urging the public to oppose the 2008 constitution.

The album was released on an internet October 25th.

“Providing the information through song is more effective, and it can easily reach everywhere. As well, Kachin people are interested in music,” student leader Leonard said.

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