Arakan:Prison Authority Sells Bed Space in Thandwe Prison

Thandwe: Poor inmates in Thandwe prison in southern Arakan State have lost their beds as the prison authority is selling the space to prisoners at high prices, said a 60-year-old woman whose husband is in the prison.

She said, “I went to the prison last week to meet with my husband. He told me that his place in the prison was moved to near the toilet because he could not pay the prison authority for his bed.”

The woman reported her husband said the prison authority is selling the more desirable sleeping spots to prisoners for 40,000 to 80,000 kyats per year.

“As many poor prisoners are unable to buy their bed space for sleeping, they have been forced to move to dirty and undesirable locations inside the prison. My husband told me to send the information about Thandwe prison to exile media in order to spread the news to the high authority and international organizations. Because of this, I have informed you,” the woman said.

Speaking to Narinjara over the phone, a politician in Thandwe said, “The situation in Thandwe prison is very bad. Many prisoners who are not rich are facing many problems inside, and all rights of the prisoners have been deprived.”

He also said that prisoners in Thandwe have been receiving food from their families because the food provided by the government is insufficient.

The woman also said that the prison authority is breeding pigs inside the prison compound for their own profit, and many prisoners have been forced to work caring for the animals.

Thandwe prison has an official capacity of 500 inmates, but is currently holding around 800 inmates.

Narin jara news

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