Burmese authorities delay MPDF shooting investigation Nai Marn

October 6th, 2010

Nai Jorn : Burmese authorities in Mudon Township are failing to follow up on their investigation of  the shooting of Nai Marn, a prominent member of the splinter group the Mon Peace and Defense Front (MPDF), on September 30th.

“Five days have already passed, but no one is sure who shot him yet. They [the authorities] only came to ask about it on the evening of that event, and the next morning of it happening [the shooting ]”, a source close to the victim reported.

According to this source, Nai Marn from the MPDF was shot by an unknown gunman on the evening of September 30th, at 8 pm,  while eating at a restaurant near the entrance of Hnee padaw village in southern Mudon Township. He was wounded in the thigh and abdomen, and immediately sent to  Moulmein General Hospital as an in-patient. Neither of the wounds were fatal.

Nai Marn is a trusted peer of the leader of  the MPDF, Nai Aung Naing.

This source also reported that the gunman arrived the front of the restaurant via motorbike, fired three shots, and then fled.

According to Kaowao news group, the shooting occurred in a karaoke bar at the restaurant, which was opened and owned by Nai Marn; the karaoke bar reportedly featured a staff of female companions for clients.

According to a businessman with family members within the  MPDF, the shooting could be related to Nai Marn’s notoriously fraudulent business practices. Continue reading “Burmese authorities delay MPDF shooting investigation Nai Marn”

Thai plans to deport border refugees creates anxiety

The Thai government’s proposal to repatriate Burmese refugees along the Thai-Burma border to their homeland after the general elections in Burma has created severe anxiety, said analysts and refugee sources.

The Thai Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya told reporters in New York this weekend that refugees in camps along the Thai-Burma border have to return to Burma. The remarks were made at a forum at the Asia Society in New York on Thursday, when Kasit discussed the political situation in Thailand, regional issues and US-China relations.

Myominlatt, a Burma analyst said that though the Thai government proposes to send back refugees, it will be difficult to do so without stability in ethnic areas.

“It is impossible to send back the refugees to Burma because the consequence will be bad. We are worried for the refugees because there is no security and stability in regions where they will have to go back,” he said.

“The new (Burmese) government would face political problems and need time to deal with border security,” he added.

Karen sources said that the new Burmese government will need 4 to 5 years to usher in peace in several regions for refugees to go back to their homeland.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that the Thai government will force refugees to return to Burma. Repatriating or deporting refugees to their country of origin would be attempted. However, without resolving all the problems in Burma and a change of government to a full democracy, it will be far too early to send people back. The refugees will face persecution if they are sent back,” a Karenni refugee living in Mae Hong Son said.

About 14,000 people from nine camps are believed to be in Thailand in Ban Don Yang, Tham Hin, Nu Po, Umpeim Mai, Mae La, Mae Ra Ma Laung, Mae La Oon and the two camps of Karenni people. Many of them are migrant workers with little or no legal status, who fled economic ruin and political instability in Burma.


Htoo Company confiscates land in Mrauk U for hotel

The Htoo Company, owned by Burmese tycoon U Tay Za, has confiscated several acres of farmland in Arakan’s ancient city of Mrauk U to construct a hotel, said local sources.
Myanmar-MraukUAbout 15 acres of farmland beside Abondaw Lake near Taung Pyu Dam were confiscated by the company with the help of local authorities.

“The Company told us they would pay compensation to the tune of 20,000 Kyats per acre, but this amount is very small and below the current market price of the land,” a landowner said.

Farmlands in Mrauk U Township are currently selling at 500,000 Kyats per acre, with orchid farmland selling at a higher price.

“Most of the confiscated lands were for orchid cultivation. Our families’ livelihood depended on the orchid. The company confiscated our land 20 days ago, and has not yet paid any compensation,” the landowner said.

“The Htoo Company has confiscated lands but the company is expected to compensate the landowners at a reasonable price. If not, the company will have conflicts with the local people,” an educated youth in Mrauk U said.

Mrauk U is an ancient city of Arakan where many attractions and hundreds of thousands of ancient pagodas lure tourists. In recent years, some companies have built international standard hotels and inns in the township to promote tourism.

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DKBA attends military training in Mon State


Nai Marn : Members of the Democratic Karen Buddha Army (DKBA) who accepted the Burmese government’s Border Guard Force (BGF) offer in August are attending a government-run military training in Thanphyuzayart Township, Mon State.

According to a local source, 200 former DKBA soldiers have been attending the BGF training, held at at No-4 advance military training base in Wekali village, Thanphyuzayart Township, since September 26th.  The duration of the training has not been announced.

“Mainly they are teaching basic military courses, about holding military parades, marching to battle, and waging war [fighting battles]. But we heard the sounds [of the training] from them only in the morning, ” IMNA’s source in Wekali explained .

He added that he learned from the trainers of the event that originally,  the Burmese government had planned to train about 800 former soldiers from the DKBA, but only 200 soldiers could attend this particular course.

The whole government training battalion previously housed at the No. 4 base, including their families, have been temporarily relocated to  the base of Light Infantry Battalion (LIB) No. 62, based at Thanphyuzayart Town, for the duration of the training.

IMNA’s source in Wekali village reported that following the conclusion of its training at No. 4 training camp, the new BGF will be based in Yetagon village, Thanbyzayart Township, where it can officially begin its duties as a Burmese-government controlled force. Continue reading “DKBA attends military training in Mon State”

Who will be responsible for past human rights violations?

october 6.

After the November 2010 elections, whether the people like it or not, a new government, with heads of both active and retired military commanders, will be formed and power will be transferred within the inner circle of the military leaders.

In many countries, where there have been past serious violations of human rights, there have always been commissions on truth and reconciliation formed to inquire about these past human rights violations in order to avoid the possibility of similar mistakes in the future.

However, the transition in Burma does not seem to embody such a commission for the formation of truth and reconciliation, because the most of human rights perpetrators will be in power, and they will continuously try to win through war in all matters, without accepting the political intentions of the people for peace talks or reconciliation.

The civil war will be continued and the human rights violations in ethnic regions will continue.  The oppression of pro-democracy movements will continue and the imprisonment and the detention of political leaders and activists will continue.  The new regime will have ignored past human rights abuses and will not conduct opportunities for genuine peace, truth and reconciliation in order to accept all parties to participate in peaceful transition.

Since there is no truth and reconciliation within the country to provide justice for human victims countrywide, HURFOM believes it is the responsibility of international judicial institutions to seek justice for the people of Burma.