Junta to file human rights report to U.N. next year ??

Myanmar has completed the first draft on report about the country’s human rights status to prepare for submission to the United Nations Human Rights Council in February 2011, the local Weekly Eleven News reported Monday.

The draft of the Myanmar human rights report is yet to be finalized and translated into English version for the submission, the report said.

Myanmar’s human rights committee, established in April 2000, is chaired by Minister of Home Affairs U Maung Oo.

The committee comprises of some sub-committees dealing with home affairs, law, social affairs, labor, health, education, international affairs, religion and women’s affairs.


No Visa on Arrival before Election

Junta has suspended visas on arrival for tourists from September ahead of its first elections in two decades, officials said on Monday, potentially restricting access to the country for foreign observers.

suspended on Sept. 1, a government official told Reuters on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to speak to the media.

they worried about foreing observers

LONDON CALLING: Demonstration Invitation: 22nd Anniversary of military coup and more…

17 September · 13:00 –
Burma Democratic Concern (BDC)

Demonstration Invitation: 22nd Anniversary of military coup
The people of Burma have been suffering under one of the world’s most brutal and repressive military regime. Current military regime came to power after the military coup on 18 September 1988 after gunning down more than 3000 peaceful demonstrators. It is our duty to free Burma from oppressive military regime and everyone can play their parts.

We will hold the demonstration to commemorate the fallen heroes on the day military came to power. You all are warmly welcome to join with us.

After the demonstration, Burma Democratic Concern (BDC) will hold the “BDC’s Youth Tea Shop Discussion” at the BDC. The discussion will be from 15:00-19:00

1. Current and Future Situation of Burma

2. How shall we encourage flourishing Civil Society Organisations

3. Revolution and Evolution (Advantages and Disadvantages)

Program details

Date: 17 September 2010 (Friday)

Time: 13:00-14:00 pm

Address: In front of the Burmese Embassy in London
19 A Charles Street

Contact: www.bdcburma.org

Telephone: 078 7788 2386
077 2723 6419
020 8493 9137

the warehouse that supplied the leaky gas tank belongs to a man named U Win Hlai- Myawaddy town

Jury Chai : A gas tank explosion in Myawaddy town at 8 pm last night has left three firefighters with burn injuries.
Witnesses report that two houses were also completely destroyed in the fire that resulted from the blast; a school called “School No. 1” and some nearby huts were also damaged.
An eyewitness to the blast informed IMNA that last night’s explosion occurred as a result of the mis-storage or mis-handling of a large quantity of gas tanks, that were last night being transferred from a Myawaddy warehouse to a transport vehicle. Reportedly, one of the tanks began to leak when a worker loaded it into the transport truck; the tank was not removed, and the truck driver drove his cargo until the leak was set alight between the town quarters of 4 and 5 on the outskirts of Myawaddy, causing a fiery explosion
“It was like bomb had exploded very loudly, the first time just one gas [tank] exploded and then all of them burned, nobody was injured [in the blast],” he explained. Continue reading “the warehouse that supplied the leaky gas tank belongs to a man named U Win Hlai- Myawaddy town”

Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS)Supports UN Commission of Inquiry in Burma

Restoration Council of the Shan State (RCSS) has decided to back the proposal to create a UN commission of inquiry into war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma allegedly committed by Burmese military government, said a letter of RCSS sending to UN.

The letter signed by Lt. Gen Yawd Serk, Chairman of RCSS said that RCSS endorses the creation of an international commission of inquiry to investigate alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Burma as was earlier called for by UN Special Rapporteur Tomás Quintana.

RCSS will render its support in any way needed to expose to the international community what has been taking place in Burma for decades, said the letter.

So far, the U.S, Britain, the Czech Republic, Australia and Slovakia have also voiced support for an inquiry.

Democratic Party chairman Thu Wai predicted the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Committee (USDP) would win the most seats

Democratic Party chairman Thu Wai (second from left) speaking at a press conference on Sunday, August 22, 2010. Photo: Mizzima. He predicted the junta-backed Union Solidarity and Development Committee (USDP) would win the most seats in the upcoming election as other political parties face financial problems.