The Chin National Front (CNF)to increase strength of armed force

14 August 2010: The Chin National Front (CNF), which has been fighting the military junta in Burma, held its second central committee meeting from August 6 to 13 and resolved to increase the strength of its armed force.

An expansion of the armed force would be mainly done during the 2010-2011 budget year in cooperation with other ethnic armed groups in Burma.

“As the Burmese junta is heading towards retaining and legitimizing its power, we have decided to increase our forces and work in tandem with other ethnic armed groups to fight the regime,” Paul Sitha, general secretary of CNF told Khonumthung News.

A statement following the meeting said that the Chin National Front will try to work with educated and prominent persons from different areas and all ethnic groups. It will have an emergency party conference.

The CNF is heading towards the most important juncture of its movement in political, social, cultural, religious and business fields. So it has invited all Chin people to support the party in all areas.

The Chin National Front has come to an agreement with the cease-fire groups in Burma in May 2010 to cooperate on military matters.

The Chin National Front is active in their four divisions – Northern division, Central division, Southern division and Western division.

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